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Posted 9/27/16
So, I'm not really sure what's up with this, but I've been here for a while now and Premium for a few months now. I've noticed that TV Show ratings are... disconnected.

Has anybody else noticed that? There's the rating system for the individual episodes, and then there's the rating system for the reviews. When a show is brand new and received 500+ 5-star ratings on the first episode, then when you go to the Series Page, you'd expect to see a 5-star rating. But because there's no Reviews, then it has no rating.

Why does Crunchyroll NOT make use of the episode ratings, and only make use of the Review ratings? 50,000 ratings of a show is far more powerful, and quite frankly, accurate, than 100 Reviews of the same show.

I'm confused why these two are not being used to back the show's actual rating and what people actually think of it. Everyone knows (by common sense) that more people are going to be inclined to give an episode a rating, rather than a full-on review of the series.

You can easily make them separate, and have an individual rating by Reviewers, and then use the ratings per episode to tally an overall score of what the show's total worth is in episodes. Tons of websites already do this, so I'm confused as to why the Per-Episode ratings exist, despite not being used.
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