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A question for those that work...
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Posted 10/1/16 , edited 10/1/16

PrinceJudar wrote:

Some days I work 8 hours (8-4). Other days I ain't home until 8 at night. Sometimes I work on the weekends. It's just the joys of being an engineer on salary.

When the company wanted to convert my design team from hourly to salary everyone went "heeeeeeeeck noe"
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Some where in Can...
Posted 10/8/16 , edited 10/8/16

BenTheHopeless wrote:

So recently, i got myself my first job. I now work part time at a cinema. The one issue i have with the job is that it's all shift-dependent - in the last week alone, i've had a 1200-2200 shift, an 1800-0000 shift and a 0900-1600 shift. Needless to say i'm tired out, but i feel like i'm at the unlucky end of the spectrum, so i wanted to post a question

What's the worst hours you've ever worked?

I mean, i know i'll get worse hours over christmas, especially with some releases like Rogue One. I have a feeling i'm gonna be in for some 0300 finishes. But this is all just something i've been pondering

I'm really interested to hear the results of this. Maybe


Welcome to the job market and good luck on any future en devours. It can definitely be tough when your first starting out, but stick with it. You have your foot in the door give it a kick and see what's inside. Long hours seem to be the norm nowadays or part of the job description in most cases or it is in my line of work.
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Posted 12/16/17 , edited 12/16/17
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