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Post Reply Which Gaming Platform do you use?
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19 / M / Cincinnati OH
Posted 9/30/16 , edited 9/30/16
I play on PC but every now and then Ill play on my vita mainly because JRPGs
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M / Arkansas, USA
Posted 9/30/16 , edited 9/30/16

Raoku wrote:

Arsam1114 wrote:

My vote = PC/MAC
I have 258 PC games.

I trust you have beaten them all

Actually, I have only completed 1 game. I bought half of them when I was without a computer. I've had my computer for 7 months now. Most of this ware from bundles, like Bundle Stars
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29 / M / B.C, Canada
Posted 9/30/16
A tie between my alienware laptop and my Xbox One. The laptop for VNs and the Xbox One for everything else.
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F / Beyond forever, b...
Posted 10/1/16
I have many. PS1 & 2, SNES, Game Cube, XBOX 360, Vita, 3DS XL, Wii, PC, and Phone
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24 / M / USA
Posted 8/3/17
Playstation 4 and Nintendo Wii U
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Posted 8/3/17
Gameboy color
Gameboy advanced
Gameboy advanced sp
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS lite
Nintendo DS I
Nintendo DS I XL
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS XL
Nintendo Wii
Xbox 360
Xbox 1
PS Vita
Why? 2 reasons.
1. I have an addiction.
2. How else will they get my money?
Sadly I hardly have time to play anymore. So cruel.

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28 / F / Oklahoma
Posted 8/4/17
Currently I use Wii U, PS4, 3DS, PC, and on rare occasion PS3.
Posted 8/5/17
I use PlayStation Vitam and Nintendo 3DS.
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23 / M / Neverland
Posted 8/5/17
PC mostly for my games but every once in a while if my console friends pitch in to pay for me, I play PS4 for a couple months. Paying to play online is the stupidest thing.
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F / United States
Posted 8/5/17
I'm multi platform myself, I use tablet, ps4 and DS 3D. I use to play computer related games but my system just didn't like them very much so I had to drop computer gaming.
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23 / M / Finland
Posted 8/6/17 , edited 8/6/17
Mostly it's PS3/PS4 as those are what i'm having the best time with. Another one is 3DS as i still have about five games to start and three of them are Fire Emblem. Could i ask more from that? Finally, my phone. Only one game and you can guess what it is.

Other consoles i own:

PlayStation: Rarely used but still great. Probably the best console.
PlayStation 2 (slim): Very rarely used. It's usage was high back then but that's it. It has lived its glory days.

SNES: Bought few years ago and it still works nicely. Very rarely used.
Gamecube: Same with SNES. However, i bought Tales of Symphonia recently and well... Looking forward to it.
Wii. Ah, Wii. How much fun did i have with Mario Kart Wii and such. Those were the times.
Wii U. Oh, Wii U. I bought it but i only played it a half year or so after i completed almost every game i have. Its still used as a multiplayer console at times.
DSi: This one's usage was high for few years. It will be used when i start, what i call Chrono Trigger full 100% playthrough and i mean everything.
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22 / M / U.S.A.
Posted 8/6/17 , edited 8/6/17
PS4 Pro and PC.

I own an XB1, but am not interested in the selection of games for it. I mostly use it to play FPS with other people who cannot afford a gaming PC.

PS4 is a haven for anything RPG, and I use my PC for anything and everything that is not Playstation exclusive (for improved graphics and 2k/4k).
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