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Posted 9/30/16
So earlier this week (Monday), my friend heard about the Japan Trip promo for new users and decides to sign-up. He puts in all the in credit card information and as he proceeds to click the "Start Free Trial" button an error occurs and says, "You can have only one free trial per payment method". Like, a free account is made but not the premium account.

We found that kind of odd since he has NEVER signed up before and immediately contact Crunchyroll via email. They get back to him almost 2 days later and erase the account so he can try it again. He tries it again and the same error happens and Crunchyroll implying the fault the fault is on his side. They tell him to check his bank to see if some online fraud thing is enabled, he does, it isnt enabled since he frequently buys things online. Now the contest ends in less than 14hrs and they wont reply to any more of his emails to try to get this resolved in time. He wants to try another way and is pleading to help.

He's pretty frustrated cause it seems the error is on their side, time is running out (Theyre taking their sweet time) and he doesnt want to miss out on an entry. So far the way things are going they wont reply. So my question is, is Crunchyroll responsible in any way and is this worth a complaint? I dont want to jump to conclusions I'm looking for other POV's out there... They havent even apologized... :/ Thank you for reading.
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