Make America Great Again: The Trump Presidency
Posted 9/30/16

"In this tremendously patriotic game, guide President Trump as he builds the wall, defeats ISIS, and overcomes the globalists by making America rich through great trade deals!"

Have any of you tried it? Is it any good?
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Posted 10/1/16
Never heard of this game and I'm kind of a big gamer.
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Posted 10/2/16
Saw it in my recommended and I kinda wanted to get it.
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Posted 10/3/16
Yeah i got it. Played it for just under an hour. Got bored pretty quick.
Its only $3 US. It's an ok game and its kind of funny.
i got bored but admittedly i kept running out of money. There's not much to do in it. It's good for what it is.
It's mostly about buying and selling and trying to get America out of debt and not start WWIII.
You can swindle and threaten other nations. I never got far enough to bomb or invade other countries.
You can give different types of aid to nations to keep the world happy. It's weird it doesn't include all nations. Like there is Euroupe and there is France n Russia. Lots of Asian nations are not included, nor is New Zealand, etc.
Fighting against Isis in a little arcade style game is kinda fun. i never got far enough to reseach and unlock new weapons though.
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Posted 11/10/16
op nuked.
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