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Pros & Cons of Your Personality
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27 / F / United States
Posted 10/1/16 , edited 10/2/16
Persevering - I think this is undeniably my best trait. No matter what hardship I face, I've been able to pull through. This isn't to say I don't quit when I should, but I am strong.

Adapting - I think no matter what environment I'm put in, I always strive to do my best, so I adapt to my circumstances and I'm not easily shook. I.E. I went abroad for work (I never worked before that and it was my first time traveling as well, so-- a nervous wreck like me being able to perform in a foreign country in front of hundreds of children sounds successful to me OTL )

Genuine - This is a double-edged sword... I have since learned how to fake my feelings, but a year or two ago, it was hard for me not to be dishonest.

Concealed Anxiety - I usually try to hide my anxiety from coworkers and friends because I don't think it's important enough, but it really makes me think of every possible scenario when I have to make a decision, and sometimes people get annoyed when I have to double check or make absolutely sure that what I'm doing is A-OK.
Lazy - If i'm not passionate about something, I'll put it in my bucket of non-priorities.
Stubborn is a double-edged sword, but I don't think I've ever regretted anything I've done to lead me to where I am.
Private - I have a hard time opening up to people (especially when I work in a very social environment).
Non-expressive - I think this goes alongside being private. A year or 2 ago >> I was taught to be quiet and obedient, and practically grew up in a household that grew suspicious whenever you smiled for absolutely no reason, so - I don't show my emotions well enough (TYPING THOUGH is different!) Now, I'm opening up a little more and faking till I make it!
Pessimistic - I've been depressed since I was in middle school, so when things go wrong, I do end up being really pessimistic, but I do my best not to get it to affect my work. Sometimes, it does get bad, and sometimes it leads me to skipping activities or (even in worse case scenarios) work.
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18 / M / Australia
Posted 10/1/16 , edited 10/2/16
Pros: Good meme taste

Cons: Cares more about memes than anything
Posted 10/2/16 , edited 10/2/16

I'm a very nice, bland, bitter nut. With a good crunch.
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Posted 10/2/16 , edited 10/2/16
A pro to one can be a con to another but I'll play along. Not really up to me to decide if they're pros or cons coupled with the fact that I really don't care what others think makes it all rather meaningless but so nobody has to stare at an empty post:

What I consider pros:

I like odd and broken things (I always grab the dented cans at stores because I feel sorry for them lol)
Well read - loves reading
Conservationist - loves nature in all it's forms.
Street Smart
Independent thinking
Loyal to a degree
I speak my mind - extremely honest (unless that honesty would really hurt someone and even then I try not to lie)
Generous - not greedy
Forgiving to a certain degree - I believe in 2nd and 3rd and 100th second chances.
Loves the dark
I'm usually quick thinking.
Not squeamish.
I know my limits
Loves animals especially my cats.
I'm quick - I don't like to do most things slowly. I try not to run over all the slow people in stores.
Depression, anxiety and ptsd.

Things I consider to be cons:

Too impatient
Anger - mainly due to medical reasons (getting that under control). I've never ever been an angry person. Way to go medical science!
Introverted to the Nth degree.
Too honest at times.
Have to learn things the hard way.
Prefer animals and books to people.
Not squeamish (I'm not sure if not being squeamish is a good thing or not. What horrors we can get so used to.
Very forgiving until a certain line is crossed then I get all eye for an eye.
Cannot forgive certain acts. I'm just not that strong and never will be.
I HATE people who hurt animals. Hate is not a big enough word for it. And I'm not really referring to hunters. While I don't like it and it's not my thing I'll never put someone down who is obeying all the proper laws and uses what they kill. Just don't disrespect the life you're going to take by doing it illegally. I'm talking about people who hurt or torture animals because they're evil. A good way for me to go to jail is seeing someone kick a dog or cat.
Not as financially stable as I'd like to be.
Depression, anxiety and ptsd.

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Posted 11/11/16 , edited 11/11/16
OP Nuked.
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