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Posted 10/2/16 , edited 10/2/16
Yo, I was on the verge on giving up on this website. While it still has some of the most lazy people behind it who never tries to improve on the video-streaming client, and while most of the team just cares about social events and selling stuff (aka not streaming anime with the highest quality possible), I have to say that after the "merge" with Funanimation, the amount of titles I have access to has increased by a lot, and that makes me happy. Finding the Pelaides anime has been a impossible, and I'm so glad it's finally here. And this is really hard for me to say, but:

"Good job, Crunchyroll!"

The fact that I have access to a lot of new anime probably has a lot to do with the fact that the title was already on this page, but region restrictions were not for Europe, since CR clearly cares most about the US, but either way, keep up the good work. I'd really like to see movies added to this site sometime in the future (if there are already movies here, I have not seen any one of them), but that would feel like a waste with the incredibly low-quality streams you provide at the moment.
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