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Post Reply Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton ‘Absolutely Correct’ About My Supporters
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Posted 10/4/16

kevz_210 wrote:

adairjoseph1973 wrote:

Out of everyone in America these are the people we have to choose from...

The reality that one of these two--quite possibly the two most hated people in our nation--will be president in a few months is seriously unnerving. I'm scratching my head as to how it got to be those two being the last two candidates standing. Out of all the people I know, only one of them actually wanted either of the two as President, and everyone else (myself included) is dead-set against them. Other than the harpies on The View, I don't know any Hilary supporters. And outside of the cooks on Fox News I only know of one Trump supporter. WTF is going on?

The country is more polarized than ever, that's why. Well that and the so called "sane" centrists racking up 20 trillion in debt causing people to be willing to roll the dice with very untraditional candidates out of desperation for real change.

The country is more polarized than ever, that's why.

You are dead on.
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Posted 10/4/16

Emtro wrote:

Um, I don't understand this McCarthyism talk. There are too many democrats to throw them all in prison so we'll never get rid of all the commies. Russia only has about 17% communist presence, they're much better off than we are.

You evidently don't understand the commie talk either.
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Posted 10/4/16 , edited 10/4/16
The Democrats are no communists, well definitely not party leadership. Wall Street doesn't shower them with money thinking that they are going to shut their doors, but rather keep the corporate hand outs coming. To be fair the Republicans do the same thing. Both parties practice phony capitalism and only really differ when it comes to social issues on the national level despite rhetoric. Both love spending money we don't have, starting wars, exporting American jobs and writing tax laws that benefit the rich.
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