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Posted 10/24/16
Episode 4 is by far the best episode so far! The overall plot seems to be ramping into high gear as Twenty Faces becomes more involved. We also got some backstory on some of the main characters, especially Inoue.

Also, Kobayashi showing a bit of emotion this time around (also, that must be one hard wall if even Kobayashi has trouble breaking it :blink:). Perhaps we learn more about how his power works soon?

I'm definitely interested to see what is coming next! The game has begun!
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25 / M / Mars Orbit
Posted 10/25/16
I agree that the series improved with the 4th episode. I still can't bear the angsty kid but that's another story
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Posted 27 days ago , edited 23 days ago
TRICKSTER EP 6 “Holiday Stalker”

Kinda started slow but the payof was in the 2nd half when helps Hanasaki to get a drone a boy crashed in a steel mill .Kobayashi goes in after seeing the 2 boys as good friends and is worried about Hanasaki. He dives into the smelting ladle and ets the drone Oh the terminator reference !

Later Hanasaki and the agency surprise Kobayashi with a surprise B-day party and bringing the Ferris wheel Gondola to the their BLDG . Oh he gets pizza too !

Later Hanasaki goes home to an empty house kinda like Kobayashi is alone!

TRICKSTER EP 7 "Pure Tryst"

A good backstory on Sosuke ! even thoiugh I am confused if that was truly 20 Faces. We get a glimpse into Hanasaki background but just a hint.
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22 / M / Finland
Posted 27 days ago
I've been wondering how Kobayashi is going to die, if it's possible. Even a blast furnace can't kill him. There might be a way but it's probably... no, let's wait and see.

Oh, and he doesn't have a birthday either? Tough luck, i suppose.
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