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Post Reply Trolls are the only one who tells the truth these days
Posted 10/5/16

Deyre wrote:

SirBacon12 wrote:

I'm not sure if I should take this seriously or not. And that's what trolling is: not being serious. They are like the opposite of telling the truth, they don't actually believe what they are saying. They are just messing with people, and making them look stupid when they actually give a serious response.

And who are you to define if they are serious or not?. I am labeling your post unserious and calling you a troll because it makes me tick. If its by that logic we are going with.

I'm not the one that came up with the definition for a troll. That's just what it is. I'm not talking about labeling someone a troll, because you could be wrong. If they are actually trolling though, then they are not being serious. That's just what it means man.
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Posted 10/5/16 , edited 10/5/16
Trolling has had a definition change over the course of several years now, similar to how everyone overuses the word literally nowadays. Trolling originally meant saying something that gets a rise out of somebody, but not being serious at the same time. This is a perfect example of trolling: So who else is voting for trump like me? In reality, you're not really voting for trump and you either actually despise the guy or don't care either way. However, you know other people feel strongly on the subject, so you say something like that knowing you'll get a rise out of him/her. I've been in a few livestreams and have seen random users come in calling either the streamer or other users racial slurs and various other name calling. Then before I knew it, I'd see the victims of those name calling twats call them trolls. What!? Trolling was never meant to be a replacement for being an awful human being. Now you see ddosers, doxers, swatters and just assholes in general all being given the label as a troll. Oh society, how you never cease to amaze me..
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Posted 10/22/16
trolls ?

just mentioning SJWs and Feminists will get you on the troll lists

so the term "troll" can vary from person to person

but pretty much if you don't have the same opinion/belief, etc.. with another person.. he/she will call you a troll

but calling another person a troll because he/she stated the facts/or their own opinion with good reasons to back it up is just another extremist who can't accept different views..

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