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What are your top 3 issues when deciding who to vote for?
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Posted 10/6/16 , edited 10/6/16
1. Is actually qualified for the position.

2. Supports abortion. It's the woman's body, thus it is her choice alone. It's sad this is still up for debate at all.

3. Will try to help the middle class and lower classes.

4. Reform the criminal justice system. Seriously, our incarceration rate is outrageous.
Posted 10/6/16 , edited 10/6/16
1. Centralization of power. In the current political climate, the issue is usually "States' Rights." Military is just about the only thing I think there's an argument for providing at the federal level, and even that is something I'm highly critical of. At least for presidential choices there's Gary Johnson, but he too fails in some important respects. My state has shit choices for congress on this point too, although admittedly miles ahead of Trump/Clinton. Republicans will at least pay lip service here, but only really seem to care if the federal government wants to regulate something they're against. They don't seem to have any problem with federal power if it's on their side.

2. Military Spending/Interventionism. We have a ridiculous military budget because we're expected to defend the entire world. For Americans at least, ISIS is not the problem. Islam is. However, The only way military offensives might be likely to change the ideology and culture of the region is if we conquer it, make it a vassal state, spend years policing the region, and institute wide-ranging propaganda programs. It would be prohibitively expensive, would pave the way for the abridging of freedom in the states, and probably wouldn't even work. Going in every few years and clearing out the New Guys doesn't really seem to work either. There are way too many reasons for this, and the task of this thread is to list my pet issues, not defend them. So I'll leave it at that for now. Both the major candidates are shit on this issue, although for different reasons. Congressional Democrats have a slight edge in my state, but they're so bad on everything else that it's a tough dichotomy.

3. Economics. Particularly federal debt and fiat currency. I don't like things like regulations and taxes, but those are often symptoms of the first two. They fall lower on the list. Get rid of fiat currency and the federal debt, and most of the other economic problems will likely be remedied. Again, neither of the major candidates seems to give a shit. Ditto for my congressional choices, although Republicans have a slight lead.
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22 / M / Roasting In Hell
Posted 10/6/16 , edited 10/6/16
1. Reasonable LGBT rights.

2. Civil and constitutional rights in general concerning, especially concerning widespread surveillance.

3. A reasonable affordable healthcare act, especially mental health.
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Posted 10/6/16 , edited 10/6/16
It's hard to put an order to this, so these aren't in order of importance in my eyes, because they're all quite a big deal.

1. What they intend to do about the lack of technical and manufacturing jobs in our country. The USA is not in a position, given how much most of the world hates us, to be secure in relying on importation for our livelihood. We assemble some things here, but honestly these types have been making for the border for decades.

2. What they intend to do about immigration. I DO NOT think immigration is a bad thing, quite the opposite. But Illegal, unregulated immigration is. The fact that anyone can cross the border is absolutely INSANE, given how many people in this world hate America and Americans. A lot of Americans seem to think the world "owes" us and that they idolize us - maybe that's what our leaders would like you to think, but if you go watch/read about news from almost anywhere else you'll realize they think we're bullies and that our people are viewed as some of the dumbest and laziest in the world. While I don't exactly agree with all of that, that IS UNMISTAKABLY the impression that most have of us. Our government should be protecting us, not letting people do whatever they want and only bothering with them if they start killing people and committing other crimes. When people can come in, take jobs from people who pay taxes, and they're not obligated to do so themselves something is wrong. The situation is dire for most of the people who do not receive government assistance. Me being a resident and supporting my country should afford me those perks, never the other way around. Veterans who fought to get us where we are today should be rewarded, not be directed to the back of the bus.

3. War. I don't think we should have been in most of the wars we've been in and a lot of them were over resources, whether that be opium or oil. I do think war is necessary and the war against radical Islam is not going anywhere regardless of what we do - so that one we have no choice and no way out of - hence I think we need to strike decisively and make them know that the world no longer has a place for such uncivilized actions.

I'm adding a fourth, because it's also pretty much tied with the others

4. What intent do they have with our money? Right now it's the epitome of irresponsible spending. Our infrastructure is failing across the board, and our money is aiding foreign interests more than our own. Our money doesn't go towards us - if it doesn't go towards making weapons it goes to aid for foreign interests, immigrants, and plenty of other things that don't help improve our countries situation at all. We shouldn't be trying to take care of ANY other country if we can't take care of our own - and the sad part is that we can, but our leaders aren't doing it. We have homeless veterans, lots of them, meanwhile more assistance is available to keep people who are not citizens and have done nothing for our country off the streets. Calling this a crime is an understatement.

There's a lot I look for in a president and the prospects aren't looking very good right now. What is clear is that one of these candidates helped get us into our current mess, and hoping she changes her ways is incredibly naive. I don't give a shit if donald trump poured champagne for some lesbians - I do care about having a safety net to fall back on and right now it's old and rotten and being pulled out from under me.

Honestly there are so many other criteria to look at, trying to limit or rate them is impossible. There's a lot wrong with the current system and it needs to change. We don't need 4-8 more years of the current policies.
Posted 10/6/16 , edited 10/6/16
1. Patent pending
2. Patent pending
3. Patent pending
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25 / M / missouri
Posted 10/6/16 , edited 10/6/16
1. Foreign relations
2. Competence
3. Being in touch with reality. ie Knowing what is like to be a normal american not just wealthy or political class.
Posted 10/6/16 , edited 10/6/16
I'm not voting this time just to damn pissed off & I don't want here your bull-shiT about a wasted vote!
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25 / M / CAN, ON
Posted 10/6/16 , edited 10/6/16

You really want to know?

How about we go one on one. Just an empty room with 2 chairs and nobody else. Let's sit down and cut the shit. No more games, we Play for keeps.

But seriously what they say they will do won't even matter. You run a country? Yeah bullshit, you're running Fucking Costco and we sell in bulk, You can't bullshit me anymore. They say what we wish to hear.

You can say anything you want, here watch it's pretty easy. I will make America great again, because I am for the people who make America great, and I want the American dream to be a possibility for every man woman and child, together we will make a difference. There you go, that's like what? Couple thousand votes right there, I mean it's not that hard.

It's all a lie, a joke, just an illusion to make you think that one person can actually change something. When it is actually the people that actually work hard to give others a fighting chance. If it weren't for these so called grunts, where the fuck would we be now? All these soo called powerful individuals hide behind something they could care less about, what kind of a leader does that?

This is me ranting, this is me ranting, this is me leaving
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27 / M / Leanbox, Gameindu...
Posted 10/6/16 , edited 10/7/16

AlastorCrow wrote:

kevz_210 wrote:

2) Healthcare, Obamacare while doing some good for some people has made most healthcare policies more or less catastrophic due to high deductibles. It's making my parents dump astronomical amounts of money for health insurance compared to what they were paying years ago for worse coverage and obviously builds my resentment to it.

I've work in the healthcare field for several years now and I rarely (actually never) meet people who are proponents of "Obamacare". My mother is an administrator of a hospital in NY and she expresses more disdain for this law than anyone I know. Let's just say I have no plans of retiring in this country when I get older. I revoked my foreign citizenship when I was naturalized but I'll be appling for dual citizenship for financial reasons that would allow me to retire in my home country. Not because I like it but because retirement in the United States is fucking depressing and horrible.

Yeah, I hear you. Considering only public sector employees have pensions nowadays, if you don't make a decent wage and start stashing 15% or so in a 401k from the day you turn 30 onwards you are basically screwed. Once SS cuts benefits 30% a year in 2035 when the fund runs out of money (since government is far too incompetent to fix the funding problems) we are going to once again see senior poverty levels that rival those of the early 1900s. Getting out if you can is going to be the only option for many, especially if you don't have a reliable family support system.
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Posted 12/16/17 , edited 12/16/17
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