Where to go in Japan?
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I'm going on a last minute trip to Tokyo, Japan and Taiwan; and, although I don't know much about Japan, I do love anime. So, I want you guys to give me some suggestions as to where I should go and what I should see while I'm there!
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Posted 10/5/16
Well, if you like anime, than Akihabara can be one destination in Tokyo. And if your not traveling alone and your travel mate wants to go, you can try this tour as well: http://www.japanican.com/en/tour/detail/GDT1J00112MMB/?typecd=TOU
If you want to see Tokyo from above, than go to the Metropolitan Government building, there is an observation deck in both of the north and south tower and it's free to go up.
Maybe visit Meiji shrine or Asakusa or go for a walk in the Imperial Palace Garden.
Or you can go for a cycling tour as well if the weather is ok (I recommend them, I already been on one of their tour and it was great): http://www.tokyocycling.jp/program.html
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Just in Tokyo? For how long? It can be a little hard to know what to look at and see if we don't know how far you can go.

Though honestly, Tokyo is a pretty modern city, and most of the sightseeing there will be more modern sites. Its history really begins around 1600.

Gundam Front Tokyo (Odaiba) - A 1:1 scale statue of an RX-78-2 of Gundam fame stands here, ready for all the photos you can take of it. I think there's a light show every night.

Sengaku-ji (Minato) - The graves of the Fourty-Seven Ronin, as well as their lord Asano, are here. For a hundred yen or so, you can buy some incense to put at their graves - walk around placing a piece of incense at each grave until you run out.

Tokyo Tower (Minato) - I think the chances of a kaijyuu attack tearing it down while you're there to be slim.

Kanda Myoujin (Chiyoda) - Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this was the shrine frequented by the original Love Live crew.

Ueno Park (Ueno) - I believe this is the site of the Battle of Ueno, fought on 4 July, 1868. This was one of the battles precluding the Meiji Restoration, and was part of a power struggle against the Emperor and the Shogun. The Imperial forces won, driving the Shogunate out of Tokyo and further north. Saigo Takamori was present at this battle as the commander of the Satsuma forces (loyal to the Emperor) - you'll see his name pop up a lot around this time period.

Perry Memorial Hall (Kanagawa) - This one's a little removed from Tokyo, but if you wanna go down south, this marks the spot Commodore Perry arrived in Japan in 1853, ending Japan's seclusion... with more than a few veiled threats.

Mikasa Park (Yokosuka) - Again, this one's a little south, but this old battleship was encased in concrete as part of a disarmament treaty, and was preserved as a museum. Beware of the historical bias on the information plaques, though.

Sarushima (Yokosuka) - Right next to the battleship Mikasa is a ferry that will take you to an abandoned naval base. The grounds, invaded not by men but by greenery, is photogenic enough to be used in cosplay photoshoots. If you're lucky, you might run into one. Just don't miss the last boat back, or you're there for the night! (And remember, it's rude to take pictures of cosplayers - or anyone in Japan for that matter - without asking first!)

Washinomiya Shrine (Saitama) - This one's pretty far north, but if you're a Lucky Star fan, the Kagami sisters served as miko at this specific shrine. Might be a half day to get to it from Tokyo, see it, and get back.

Ryouhou-ji (Nishi Hachi-ouji) - Kinda far out west, but this temple to Benten... last I checked a few years ago, sported moe characters and charms. Yes, you can pray to the moe gods here.

Devilcraft (Hamamatsu-cho) - I don't really do restaurants, but here's one I really like. It serves deep dish pizza, and they have craft beer from private breweries in Japan and the American West Coast. They speak English! You might need reservations if they get busy, though.
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