Post Reply Anime is not just an advertisement for manga and light novels
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Posted 10/5/16
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Posted 10/5/16
Eh, the majority of it is. It's why I just stick to manga these days. We're lucky to even see several seasons of the same show anymore.
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Posted 10/5/16
Some are, some aren't.

They can't cram the story of a whole several-years-running manga series into one or two seasons of anime.

What they used to do was change the story and make a new ending for the anime version (e.g. FMA 2003, Chrono Crusade, the first Black Butler anime - which actually got a sequel, the one with Claude and Alois).

Fans would always get angry at the changes and rant at people who liked the anime more that the source material MUST be better, simply because it came first. Plus, it took a lot more creative energy out of the staff of the anime, working on something that still wasn't really theirs, and a bad new ending could tarnish the image of the series as a whole - so, if the anime version is good, the original author gets credit, and if the anime version is bad, the original author gets blamed, even though it really wasn't their work either way.

So now, they just start from the beginning, make 12 episodes, and stop, regardless of whether they've hit a good stopping point or not. Regardless of whether or not they've answered all of the questions that have been raised.

A series with unanswered questions is not a complete story.
Imagine an adaptation of Harry Potter that didn't go past book 3.
Imagine a version of Sailor Moon that ends after they defeat Jadite, where Nephrite appears only briefly, the other two are hinted at, Queen Beryl is barely shown, the princess mystery is never answered, it's never confirmed that Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask and Minako is Sailor V, and Jupiter and Venus never really appear, but they - and the Outer senshi - appear in the backgrounds, or say one line, and the show makes it clear that they're major characters.
That's not a complete story.

It doesn't mean the directors and animators don't care. It doesn't mean it's worthless, or it's not art... but it's not a complete story. It doesn't stand alone.

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