Which monitor should I go for?
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Posted 10/5/16 , edited 10/6/16
So I'm running a pretty decent PC and I wanted to upgrade my monitor for my birthday. Don't judge me for having 1080p for this build cause I was gonna upgrade anyways lol.

I'm running a GTX 1070, i5 6600k CPU, and 16GB of RAM. This screen tearing is giving me headaches and I'm really hoping upping the resolution can push the GPU more and help remove/minimize it, as well as making more use of the GPU power.

I'm looking at two monitors in particular:
32" Samsung 1440p monitor 60hz - $400

28" Samsung 4k monitor 60hz - $365

Obviously that 4k is a way better deal than the WQHD, but I'm afraid that the 4k resolution isn't gonna work for shit for my 1070 since I value 60FPS+Ultra settings > 30-60FPS Medium/High settings. Another big reason for me to want to upgrade is because I'd like to finally be rid of the jaggies you get from low res so I would really love to get the 4k. I know that I can drop settings and still hit 60 but I love my graphics so I don't want to if I don't have to. BUT I can still use that 4k resolution elsewhere(like movies), not just video gaming. Although the 4k is only 28" and I really don't want to downsize my monitor (currently 32") to 28. But the 4k is also cheaper, and I'm a penny pincher which is how I can afford this stuff in the first place.

I'm thinking I'll probably go 1440p but what would you guys think? Idk how long the prices on these monitors will stick.

EDIT: Also are there any HDR monitors out yet? Just curious if that's something I might want to hold out for or if it's still got a lot of time until it becomes a thing.
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My projector is 1080p and the screen size is my wall.
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if you want to remove screen tearing then you have to go for a monitor that has a higher refresh rate (hz).
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Posted 10/11/16 , edited 10/11/16
Not sure if I'm too late on this or not, since this was made 5 days ago. I would recommended the 1440p monitor bro. Depending on what games you plan on playing, it will be quite difficult to pull off 60 frames at 4K resolution. Like you said, you'll probably be pulling in 30 frames or slightly more, so for the cost of a nice image, the smoothness of the game won't be as good, and that's especially important for racing, shooting, & fighting games if you plan on playing those...

1440p isn't bad at all either. I'm running at GTX 980 with a 1440p 27'' monitor and all my games look gorgeous at 60 frames at that too! Some games I cannot hit 60 frames, but I can push 40+ which is better than nothing. Also, only one monitor I know that exists has HDR, and it's extremely expensive. HDR isn't really the norm for PC monitors...

Word of advice, if you're a penny pincher, and you're willing to wait? Hold off until Black Friday or Cyber Monday and see what you can find online...I'm sure you'll get a much better deal! Good luck bro!
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