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Posted 4 days ago
So, I wonder what all those tests that Cocona was undergoing was about? I presume that Yayaka was lying about undergoing the tests herself.

Also, if the girl that we all assume is Mimi is the third amorphous child, and Cocona is presumably the second, who is the first? Papika? But then why weren't they also trying to get her amorphous?
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22 / M / Finland
Posted 3 days ago
Damn, tough luck for Yayaka. Betraying (or what else word works here) her because she couldn't stab Cocona. So, does this mean she's now one of the good ones? I hope.

More about Mimi is revealed. But i still need more information about that.
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Posted 3 days ago
That was a rather intense battle near the end of the recent episode, I guess Yayaka will be helping Cocona and Papika now due to what happened too.
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Posted one day ago , edited one day ago
It does make me wonder if the new girl is Mimi. She has the same name structure as Toto and Yuyu. Maybe something happened in Papika's Pure Illusion gateway that make her forget Mimi and Salt is gathering fragments to restore her memory, like how Cocona wants to restore Iroha's memory. The amorphous fragments the bad guys are gathering are clearly having an effect on Papika's mind. She had that nervous wreck reaction after they added the fragment to that structure. New girl is also rubbing up on what looks like the black structure as well.

I wonder if those "tests" Cocona had also placed an amorphous in her leg.

Loving the story, lore, and symbolism in this anime. It's taking a great idea, like say whose Pure Illusion they're inside, and then flipping it on its head each episode.

HA HA. Flap.
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Posted 3 minutes ago
EP 9 "Pure Mute"

Even with great animation this was a good episode on story alone with Yayaka both wanting to be of use to Asklespios ( with a replacement read to go )and yet stiil considers herself to be closer to Cocona than Papika. But in the end she has to protect Cocona and is probally done with Asklespios

Some interesting situations / The mirrrored memories was especially intense !

Cocona vs. Yuyu / Toto

Papika geting teased ( Bribed / food ) by Yayaka to turn over her amorphous fragment

Yayaka vs Cocona

Yayaka couldnt cut open Cocona for her fragment and geys hurt protecting her from Yuyu / Toto attack

Yayaka needs treatment at SALT's HQDRS

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