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22 / F / Anime World
Posted 11/1/16
I need my safe space!
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Posted 11/1/16
On the one hand I understand the need as a functioning society to not piss each other off blah, blah, blah but on the other hand sometimes it just becomes a tangled mess of contradictory and extremely limiting rules that makes some people unable to do anything and others feel they can get away with anything... though I guess that could happen anyways.
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24 / M / USA
Posted 11/2/16 , edited 11/2/16
I think we need to discuss why political correctness exists, before we can argue for or against it.

It is my belief that political correctness came out of the remnants of the losing side throughout history, and it is usually the people from those factions left over that argue against it. Think of what groups argue the most against being politically correct, and the comments that aren't considered correct.

Let's go over who lost in the history of America, and what they lost:

#1) The South & Slaveholders, The American Civil War.
#2) Anti-semetics, WWII.
#3) Racists, The Civil Rights Movement.
#4) Sexists, The Woman Suffrage Movement.
#5) Bigots, The LGBT Movement.

Now let's go over what is now considered to not be politically correct:

- Referring to anyone's race in a derogatory way
- Discriminating
- Blaming a group's problems on their race
- women jokes
- making fun of someone's gender Identity

I say, that anyone who rails against political correctness is either consciously or subconsciously racist; bigoted; sexist; or otherwise discriminatory in some way, or they are the child of someone who fits the former point, or someone who grew up in an area that has a lot of people with the former point of view. I doubt anyone on this thread could find something labelled politically incorrect that didn't have some connection to the previous points, or at least strongly hinted at the former points.

All in all, YOU LOST, especially the racists who had to lose twice. Now fall in line, and be glad that you weren't born in a time when the loser's side was put to the sword.

also, Full Disclosure: I am a Caucasian Male from a mostly German Heritage who lives on the East coast of America, south of the Mason Dixon line, I believe Political Correctness is necessary, and I just Voted a full Green Party Ticket in the 2016 General Election (so President, Vice President, Senator, and Congressman).
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20 / M / In a Yaoi Fanfic
Posted 11/2/16
Political correctness is fine in some situations, but for the most part you shouldn't worry about if people get offended by your brutal honesty.
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