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Eastern Aleppo could be destroyed by Christmas, warns UN Syria envoy
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Posted 10/16/16 , edited 10/16/16

Ravenstein wrote:

General William Tecumseh Sherman once said "war is hell". Aleppo just goes to prove that. As if it needed proving again.

But I ask this: What would you have the United States do? Or any country?

Invade Syria? At this point that is what it will take to oust Assad. He's not leaving alive. And then what will happen in Syria? Have The Army put it back together. We saw how well that strategy went in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia.

Maybe set up a no fly zone? Shoot down any Russian planes that try to bomb Aleppo. That will be a fast way to start World War 3. The result of that would be like Aleppo, but everywhere. Everywhere.

Try diplomacy? We tried. It hasn't worked. The cease-fires hold for like seven minutes then one side or the other breaks it.

Sanctions? Those are already in place. They are working soooo well.

Arm the rebels? The same rebels with links to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. That worked out really well for Hillary when she did that in Libya. They were nice enough to wait a whole 11 months before turning those weapons back on us. Real stand up guys.

So there's really nothing that can be done about Aleppo. Just keep in mind that the befuddled and inept foreign policy of Obama and Hillary led to this mess and if Hillary is elected we can expect more Aleppos.

You can always joins forces with Russia and Syria to conduct night raids. But the bottom line is the U.S. officials picked the wrong side during the "Arab Spring" and they are far too salty, embarrassed and arrogant to admit it. The bombing of civilians is a war crime both sides have to own up to.
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