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Posted 3/18/17
Now it seems to get more intense. Some serious shit happens here. Damn, Mitsuru annoys me really bad. It seems she used Bach in order to take stuff to herself and thus, create the new world by herself. Or am i wrong?
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Posted 4/17/17
Classicaloid EP 23 "The World of Eight Sounds: Part 1” / "The World of Eight Sounds: Part 2” / EP 25 Encore from the Skies [

A very underated comedy / so funny / great music - OST and insane cast and Skits We get more a big yes!
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Posted 10/7/17
The show is back!

What a priceless montage with the classical music and crazy moments. It's like this anime really tries to get the audience into the mood again. A new young boy enters this season so I'm curious to see how this show plans to develop his character. I'd never thought I'd say this but it's a welcoming sight to see the cast back again.

This show is still full of energy.
Also seems this new kid is more clever than I had expected...
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Posted 10/7/17
It's back... But CR isn't streaming it?

I saw that another service had picked it up. I don't have money for this.
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24 / M / Finland
Posted 10/8/17

onepiece_fan wrote:

It's back... But CR isn't streaming it?

I saw that another service had picked it up. I don't have money for this.

Yeah, it's unfortunate. Same thing thing with Himouto! Umaru-chan R for not making here. Because Sentai got it.
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Posted 10/18/17

onepiece_fan wrote:

It's back... But CR isn't streaming it?

I saw that another service had picked it up. I don't have money for this.

Seems you can watch it on HIDIVE free -- if you're willing to watch ads. I'm guessing there may also be a week delay similar to how it works on Crunchy, but I haven't really explored HIDIVE much.
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Posted 11/18/17 , edited 11/22/17
Classicaloid 2 EP 1 -5

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Posted 11/22/17
Classicaloid 2 EP 6 Mother Provides

That was off the wall

Wataru is being picked on by both Beets / Mozart of course Kanae has to scold them ! Kanae goes to do chores Wataru gets a delivery of who knws what his sleeve

Meanwhile a woman with a suitcase approaches

But Mozart / along with Beets ( oh everybpdy is helping ) set up full blown trick / more like a trap something you see in Rosd Runner / Tom & Jerry

Mozart hears footsteps but its the woman he opens the door where Beets water cannon is set uput she goes over and hugs Huusie She also getd thrpugh all the traps how ? ( who knows ) as the gang waits for screams from who they think its Wataru Instead as they out the traps they get caught up in them as the woman walks around. Theu all ask who are you Kanae comes in with Souske ans seeher and exclaims "MOM !!!! "

Souske tries to fill them a bit She's kinda eccentric / likes luxury but Kanae is fumming she left her to fend for herself along with a brief note that hardly explains things She does sje thinks it be nice to make sweet things ( snacks ) for Kanae She vrings bottles out of her suitcase It's honey but she went to some of the most remote locations in the world Listz says she seems to care for Kanae who even admits she is that way Then mom asks about Kyogo and Kanae saus he has been gone too!

Mom asks about Wataru and that reallt sends Kanae who necer knwe she had brother !

Speaking of Wataru he disguises Dovo- Chan as a Rhino and dons a cape sungllasses for himself like a superhero .

In a flashback they both were forced to work at a Hotel under miserable conditionsOnr day Wataru sees his moom anf goes to her it ends

Kanae's moom thinks she is ha[[y with everybody there poor Kanae goes off again. She also compains about dad's biil no problem mom has suitcase fuull of money Kanae goes into almost shock

But Kanae thinks it's dirty money but her mom is a successful gambler betting on anything !

They go out to eat but Kanae has to rewtite her mom'sincomplete note for Wataru BTW who is attackin g BAch's HQDRS and gets to the top where the huge organ is Bach is there and Wataru'plan to be a music producer

Bach listens to his music sample but says no Security comes in and starts to take Wataru away but I dont tnink Back knows he is Wagner ( in Classicaloid ) He goes into Musik form with hints of Ride of the Valkyries but cant transform

The gang is eating high end crab / her mom asks who does she like ( from the houseguests ) They do try to get Kanae out of a bind

Poor Kanae then finds mom had a phome and never contacted However her dad calls ans she transfers all the money to him

Well they have to clean dishes to pay for the meal Beets says your mom has no common sense But she and Listz arent there instead having tea and hooking Kanae up with somebody

Tchaikovsky / Baranowska are told there are to report to a new music exeecutive

ED was kinds free form like from the 60's

#6: "How to Win! ~From Toccata und Fuge in d-Moll~ (How to Win! )" by Yukoh Kusunoki (ep 6)

Classicaloid 2 EP 7 Looking fot A Husband

Kanae's mom Himeka is staying but will get into Kanae's personal life She is drinking with list thinling how to improve Kanae's romantic life

They set up a desk and interview the house tenants as what they look for in a woman!

That doesnt work out ar all

Nothing like having tea / on a coffee table that's a concert bass drum

Himeka / Listz decicde to fix their shortcomings

Schubert ( fear) they blindfold him and sticj him in the miidlle of an mnkey cage with a bananna

Mozart ( inmature / hits on all the girls ) They stick a device on his head to shock him if he talks to other girls

Beets ( doesnt like to bothered ) Another shock device Kanae's dad made a few of them

Souske ( Idiot ) gets a note fpr a lunch date on the roof It's desk and Pad-Kun is set up to ask questions The desk shocks him if he is wrong.

Chopin ( fear of the outside ) they tie him to a tree with a sign free hugs !

They are all stressed when Himeka / Listz tell them they are looking for possible spouses for Kanae who comes in and is confused when they sat they cant marry her

Himeka / Listz beed to not drink as they plan Kanae Love Story V2

They offer the Mansion to kive in for free as an incentive ( and as many rooms they want ) and other goodies thrown in They all want to take up the offer

Oh Himeka won money on speedboat races for repairs to the mansions / misc well a new layout of the house plus high tech surveillanve to montior Kanae reactions She comes and says what with the nabsion with the new layout

Meanwhile Wataru meets Tchaikovsky / Baranowska and teels them he is ib charge of them and will make all decisions

Tchaikovsky objects while Baranowska pays more attention to Dova- Chan They think they have Wataru before

Kanae / gers trapped with Mozart who proposes / no she's a student

Both Beets / Schubert get trapped with Kanae who now thinks she is popular but doesnt know the setup yet

The whole mansion is rigged with traps Next Chopin Kanae has no answer

Both Beets / Schubert get trapped with Kanae who now thinks she is popular but doesnt know the setup yet

Souske arrives and takes her away But Kanae wants to wait for the perfect guy

BEETS/ Schubert go into Musik / all of them do including Listz

But Kanae comes out in destroy mode after hearing about" free rent" they have to runaway as Kanae is in " berserker mode

Kanae scolds her mom again for using the money on such an outlandish scherme when they could have paid bills instead

Himeka jist wants Kanae to be happy like she was with Kyogo Kanae says she wiil find a boyfriend / husnand when she is ready meanwhile the gang winders if she is mad yet bit lloks back at them and smiles !
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Posted 12/1/17
Classicaloid 2 EP 8 TO Be Motz is to FIb

It was a bit uneven flow here and there but made for it with a foof life lesson and happy Ed

Apparently Kyogo wrote a program for the Classicaloid 's that wiil them into a hippo if they lie too much / Mozart is warned ! But it's Beet;s who gets turned into a Hippo for sating he wont grind his teeth at night

It'a trick though as they make Dovo=Chan look like Beets

Mozart tries to change his life ans seems to be working when he brings home a girl ( Mari ) **saying they are going to be married Sosule knows her as a neighbor

Problem is she's 7 years old and will live in the mansion until she's a legal age

Kanae;s mom says she will take of things how by talking yo Mari's mom. who agrees to let her stay much to Kanae's horror of another person staying there.

Mari like that Mozart promised her and woulg het a ptincees dress for the wedding Moazrt has a feeling of Deja-Vu

Mari wants to help Kanae with Chores. Mari's family has moved a lot and Mari wants to stat there in fact she wint speak to her parents

Mari fits in / she finds Beets camped out

Mari's mom comes over and says the next day they are moving / she doesnt want to because everybody forgot her when they said they would write after other moves

Mozart goes into Musiq and remembers it was Marie Antoinette he met at a ball

** On his 1762 visit to Schonbrunn, the Austrian royal palace, Mozart, playing with the young princesses, slipped on a polished floor. Bursting into tears, he was picked up and comforted by a seven-year-old Marie Antoinette. Mozart then kissed the future queen of France: "You are nice," he declared. "I will marry you."

Mozart has a make believe weffing for Mari even fetting her te Princess Gown

Mari is very happy Mozart kept his promises

She says goodbye / but Mozart saus you'll meey new friends and see new things thing

Schubert who is trying to lie so he can talk to Beets see him in human form

The ED song is quite nice / poppy

Ainekuraine Yoru no Music by tofubeat feat. Kana Hoshizaki (ep 8)

Kana Hoshizaki sings in more than role in Aikatsu Stars!

She is the singing voice of Yuzu Nikaidō, Mahiru Kasumi, Madoka Amahane and Nina Dōjima.

She is part of AIKATSU☆STARS!, credited as Kana from AIKATSU☆STARS! while singing for Yuzu and Mahiru.

She is the first AIKATSU☆STARS! member to provide the singing voice for two idols (solely in the Aikatsu Stars! universe).

Yuzu Nikaidp
Voiced by: Azusa Tadokoro (speaking voice), Kana from AIKATSU☆STARS! (singing voice)

Mahiru Kasumi
Voiced by: Yume Miyamoto (speaking voice), Kana from AIKATSU☆STARS! (singing voice)!_characters
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55 / M / East Coast
Posted 12/12/17
Classicaloid 2 EP 9 A World Without Circles

At breahfast Beets is moved by things circular / eggs / plates light bulbs / but in the moment some one ate all the eggs

Next is Sosuke some stole his cd's / dvd's ( all of Tchaikovsky / Baranowska )

Listz her cosmetics are missing

Mozart his hat / bracelets / balls etc

Beets pots and pans are missing

It was Chopin why ?First he does musiq from a time he was ill even making it rain inside the house

In the End it had to do with Beets Moonlight Pieves as Chopin saw infro on the Inyternet and try to hide the circles as there was crictism of it

Classicaloid 2 EP 10 Classicaloid 2 EP 10 "Listz vs Risuto "

That was a really accurate potrayal of Listz / just a great history lesson with the anime insanity I am glad Listz got an indepth episode with a great boxing homage thrown in !

The whole cast was in in sans Bach / Kanae's mom & dad

Listz finds out about a piano school when Kanae brings home a flyer firtst thinking it was Listz but is run by Risuto Aoi

The girls that were at Mozart's mixer are there because Risuto is an attractive guy

Listz goes to see what it's about because Listz in Japanese is Risuto and is furious about the name being used

Aoi says prove youre Listz and brings up Thalberg

Franz Liszt versus Sigismond Thalberg

Listz is rusty though and later drinking at the Oden Stand where Beets / Schunert take her home the gang was worried about her

Listz recalls how popular ( his recictals were ) and became arrgorrant in fact woman did actually fight over his silk handkerchiefs and velvet gloves

The reception that Liszt enjoyed as a result can be described only as hysterical. Women fought over his silk handkerchiefs and velvet gloves, which they ripped to shreds as souvenirs

Touring Europe

Also true Polish Princess Carolyne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein which was met with resistance from her family and the church They were together 40 years until their deaths She wrote a lot of Listz books

Princess Carolyne

Thus Listz knows that was more important than his rectals anf Aoi dont have that

And Listz goes into training / running / having a piano delivered

But what was a simple challenge has become a city wide event becasuse Wagner has posters / internet news all over Why to disgrace Listz

This so fuuny as it is getting oput of hand

Chopin counters with an anti attractive men campaign / it actually works as the guys who feel jilted because of Aoi support Listz

Just great the Rocky homage ( I an ROFL now )

Wagner has rigged the event all girls are with the exception of the Manor gang and the outcome in favor of Aoi

Listz talks about what hasppened ( in his teens / Princess Carolyne ) and how he was inspired by Niccolò Paganini Again all accurate including Listz chose for the contest

Niccolò Paganini

She brings everybody to tears including Wagner but ovetraing she shatters the piano and goes to the other piano and breaks that one too!

Pad-Kun tells Souske that Listz often performed with 3 pianos on stage

Everybody agrres Listz was the best but Aoi says she didnt finish and she concedes but says Aoi needs to learn Listz creates Musiq

Just a great setup as Listz creates a boxing ring with all kinds of bells

The sonic waves makes Aoi lose his hair but Listz wants to teach and creates a combo hair salon / piano school XD

The ED song was pretty hot Latin style
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24 / M / Finland
Posted 12/14/17
Flip Flappers gets removed from here, and it made wonder: what goes next. Should've known. This. I noticed it from queue a few days ago. A minor loss for me, but still.
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Posted 12/20/17
An anime EP that defines the term “Salt “ makes the forum posts look calm !! so funny

Classicaloid 2 EP11"Nothing but Saltiness"

I am so happy an EP of Akira / Tchaikovsky / Baranowska ( Claskey - Klaskey) ignoring Wataru's wishes doing comedy gigs ( Claka Comedy Shows ) which they enjoy against his orders ! Also they ignore his calls and hideout in the countryside

But Wataru is trying to put a stop to it by having shows in the city and dressing as Bach but they mock him anyway

As pary of their retraining Wataru gas them work at A Ramen Shop where the cook is as salty as as the Salt Ramen / the only Ramen served there as a customer gets reads the riot act for not ordering or eating properly

But our Duo wants to like the cook in talking

Later the mansion ClassicaLoids all show up but before they can order Salt Ramen is served as / Tchaikovsky / Baranowska try to lay low by putting masks on and tell the Loids Salt is all we serve In fact Mozart is told the rules in what order to eat the Ramem as the Rules are posted

Chopin notes the shop is on the net as strict behaviour

As they complain they are forced to leave

Then some very good fans of ( Claskey - Klaskey) they met in the countryside show up and tell them they must have it rough They also asked tp perform at their festival which they later find out was taken off their schedule much to their anger

At their new unveiling they are called Salty Klaskey ( I like how mean they look

But it goes over big with the fans Even the friends from the countryside show up and says dont worry about show as Akira but our Duo feels and say sorry to the men

Wataru's budget has increased and will micro-manage them byt they revolt at dance practice they give everybody vodka and escape to Kanae's place

They are dreseed as old men doing theit comedy skit when Wataru comes home

They just tell him we are happy this way

Beets made Gyzora but is fretting he didnt make enough as the duo stays for dinner but the household gets a little testy over the details of the serving

The duo use their saltiness training to set everybody straight but they stop as ut feels mean and people may hate them So they give all of the Gyzora to them and a plateful for Kanae as they go to Th Salt Ramen place which thet like the attitude

Our Duo goes to the Ramen shop and eveything is in harmony making the owner happy and ther girls finnaly get the message and use it in their next show

They perform regular and then the Salty set with the audience ordered to behave sitiing listening quietly It goes over well even Salty cook is happy and crying But Wataru is on the speakers claiming it was all on him His rebellion as puts his name on the stage with all kind of fanfare stealin our duo's moment as they call him a little brat

But Wataru is called a success as our duo retreats to Kanae's house Wataru tells them back to work

To be continued ????

ED #11: "Salty Salty by CLASKEY:KLASKY (ep 11)
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Posted 12/26/17
Classicaloid 2 EP 12 Wagner's Ambition"

That was a very oh wow Episode / what a turn of events / reveals / changes

Waatru's success with Salty Klaskey is not shared by everyone including the duo But Bach doent look happy when he see specs on 9th ClassicaLoid?

Bach is being told by an office spy that Wataru is planing his own revolution in music and Bach hasnt done anything to that effect.

Bach goes to Kanae's father lab and discover more prototypes including Wagner

Arita in her report says they unfit to be Octaves part of Back's plan one was a Hippo Dvorak and the other a young boy ( wagner )

Wagner is summoned to see Bach in the organ room and calls him ClassicaLoid Wagner as he that from Bach until now

The reason why Wagner cant be in Bach's plan was he cant create musiq ( We havee seen Dvorak though nder duress )

It becomes a showdown Wagner has Dvorak launch a musiq asault on Bach who defeats it easily

Bach then easily controls Wagner saying it be a waste of musical talent but wiil be under Bach's realm Wagner is trying to resist

For the first time Wagner can crreate Musiq and is more powerful than Bach

When Tchaikovsky / Baranowska find Bach's Musiq has been taken awat theu go looking for him and find him and ge says I cant do anything right now and is unsure where is he going and asks them to keep an ete on him

Wagner cancels all Arhke music events and is goinf to introduce a new Idol

It Wagner Himself / he does a modded version of Ride of the Valkyries

Wagner / Stage name " World Amazing Galaxy Never Ending Revolution "

Salty Klaskey have been cancelled but offered jobs as dancers at the mansion Kanae's mom / Listz are vack to matchmaking Sosuke is in shock as he sees the video of Wagner / Wataru and shows it to everybody who are also shocked

Tchaikovsky / Baranowska walk in Chopin says fired again but they say Wagner as Bach is not around

In walks Wataru who expkains things but still of Kanae / mom Dr Otawa as his family He is going to stay at the office from now on

Wagner's VA Yoshitsugu Matsuoka is well seasoned vet Just a few of many roles / kinda surprised me / much respect there / BTW he's been doing a good job and was excellent this EP as he was front and center. I am sure he has manny offers but saw something about the anime he wanted to be a part of .

Food Wars / SOMA
Sword Art Online / Kirito
The Pet Girl of Sakurasou / Sorata Kanda
No Game No Life / Sora
Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend / Tomoya Aki
Girls in a Dungeon / Bell Cranel

Classicaloid 2 EP 13 JAN 13TH

Ongoing to Winter??? Looks like IT EP #'s are posted 13 to 25
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Posted 12/31/17
Classicaloid 2 Cour Break Recap Red Vs White Contest

To End the Year The Classicaloids are having A Red vs White Musik contest.mostly because Kanae says the Production is behind It is really a break between the fall / winter

You get a lot of somgs with complete credits from the claisical original to the Remix composers ( Usually gots overlooked in the credits )

White Sosuke ( MC ) Chopin / Beethoven

Red Kanae ( MC) Claskey Klaskey / Listz / Mozart ( was White Team ) Schubert ( was White Team )

Sosuke performs making everybody ill including himself Next Claskey Klaskey who are still wuthdrawn from being Wagners Pawns so Listz performs Bell of Love

Chopin is up but is hiding in a box XD Little Dog Carnival from Little Dog Waltz
The Lyrics are so funny

Claskey Klaskey come out from being reminded of Wagner ( Dvorak was in the clip ) they come out angry / Sha LaLa Even if You Gon On Worrying It wont Be Resolved With Parts of The Nutcracker ? Swan Lake thrown in for good measure

More An Endless dream from A Maiden's Prayer ( That set was cool )

Kanae sys Red should be a winner after that but Wagner interupts saying that was from Season 1 and he is responbile for their sucess Kanae reminds him that this isnt the regular EP and Wagner say we will continue late but Beethoven is angry saying you dont control Claskey Klaskey and does his turn to showe Wagner he is not an adult

Unrivaled Sonota from Symphony #7 ( That wss cool too )

The Red Team has performed most of their songs and Tchaikovsky says it Baranowska's fault for being a one hit wonder

Mozart helps out saying he is the defender of girls everywhere saying he wiil join the Red Team

The Grand Strategy of The Love Game From The Marriage of Figaro

This inspires Wagner to says he hasnt forgotten about Uziki ( Kanae's schoolmate ) making Kanae angry at her .... break

Schubert was about to perform for the White Team but changed sides after Kanae swayed him with a message from Jamica ( Reggage )

Life is Beautiful from the "Great ( errr Schubert )from Original Melodly Symphony #8 in C Major" The Great"

But it gets out of hand as the concert hall is falling

Bach to the rescue from the helicopter

" How to Win" from Toccata and Fugue

After Bach calms down Schubert he leaves

BTW BACH's has been doing voice since 1995 and is even more known for his dubbing of American action movies /and Animation Such as Dwayne Johnson / Vin Diesel

Wagner still has to have his moment as he defeated Bach and performs

Make The Revolution from the Ride of the Valkyries

The mood has gone to serious the MC's say is that it no Dvorak has to perform

Depart and Proceed Toward The Legend from the 4Th Movement of the New World

As Tradition everybody performs a version of Auld Lang Syne as the Audience mostly of Red / White Hashie's will determine the winner ( There seems to be more White Ones )

Beethoven objects that music is for all and does

Kyougo Otowa is watching and says how asburd that was ( He's the one who created them )

Hashie is watching too under a Kotatsu with a basket of mandarin's and Classicaloid Kokeshi dolls The coolest the changing calendar with each month having each of the cast XD

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28 / M / Anime World
Posted 2/3/18
I still got mixed thoughts on Wagner. Feels like he should improve his personality more honestly.
Still, he definitely has talent considering his popularity. I almost kinda feel bad for him when he returned and the others kinda forgot about him because of video games lul

The music performances are stiill over the top.

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