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Posted 20 days ago , edited 20 days ago
AJIN 2 EP 7 / 20 "Kuro, just once more, please!"

Just another packed EP / setbacks / revelations / shockers

NEW OP SONG and animation

angela / fripsode "The end of escape,"

Watch angela x fripSide Perform "Ajin" TV Anime 2nd Cour New OP Song

Kei brings out his Ajin to detour Doug / Meyers and Tosaki

I like how the IBM used a Stop Sign to block the road ( Priceless )

Kei's team dead ends them and the US team turns around only to crash into Izumi
Doug first shoots Meyers to reset her ( AJIN ) who comes back to life / he tranqs Tosaki

Izumi finds the Tran box and chases down them down but Meyers brings her IBM out and again injures Izumi who manages to get her IBM out to the US team's surprise ( when Izumi's IBM us fughting Meyers IBM she can see Izumi's memories of Tosaki and Ogura ?? Izimi she first points the Meyers but shoots Doug with a Tranq / Meyers hears Kei / others coming and shoots Doug and leaves ( boy she had it with his abuse) Meyers / Izumi hate eaxh other but it's kinda like let it be.

Remember this happening the same time Satou / Tanaka invade the secret meeting where the minister is Sato go "Let's Give tem a show " His sayings are what makes Sato intriguing !

Tosaki comes to and tells everybody they shoud have went after Sato
Tosaki tries to warn Sokabe but it's too late Sato is lying down with the guards he killed and confronts the Health, Labour and Welfare miinster assistant and Sokabe The minister wants to netalk but Sato shoots him and Tanaka is not happy . Sato leaves ans is about to shoot Sokabe / assistant but lets them live.

Later Tosaki laments how things went wrong and blasts Izumi saying she will end up on the dussection table Aksi letting Meyers go Both Izumi / Mreyers despise each other but arted ways

Kei has the US laptop and sends an E-Mail to the DOD blaming Sato for Ogura's kidnapping / the raid on the US safe hose saying to Ogura it might get the US to go after SATO

Sato goes on Air and makes a new demand that he kill # 15 President Hasiguchi of Murashi Heavy Industries for his invovlement
People at Ajin hideout Sato is revealing plans / but the weapon may be used.

The president says he wiil attend the meeting despite Sato' threats but thr GovT says it formed the thr Anti-Ajin Special Force

Tosaki knows about it and Kei says how do you know so much but Kei is quick and says it was there waiting for the govt to OK it

Tosaki says his group wiil be done but Kei says you think Sato will be stopped ?

Tosaki also says Murashi has an inhumane AJIN weapon

Next EP 21 / looks really rough ! "This country is going to get a little unsettled"
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Posted 20 days ago
So it looks like they got Tosaki back although he's not pleased by it.

Satou continuously plays mind games with his opponents with his videos. One ting I do agree with him is about politicians...except he handled that in a much more violent way.

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Posted 17 days ago
I hate when doubts happen. I have a feeling that guy is going to betray sauto or switch teams.
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Posted 12 days ago , edited 4 days ago
AJIN 2 EP 8 / 21 "This country is going to get a little unsettled"

Another interesting episode with more surprises I have infro about Sato below that makes this more intriguing

Sato / Okuyama totally out gunned out planned the Govt.

Sato was an American fighting in Vietnam and later super special forces / in fact Tosaki had contact with one of the team yeas later

Satō was part of the United States Marine Corps in the past. Nicknamed "Poker-face," he began his 8-week recruit training in San Diego in 1969 by faking his age to join the corps. After the first 2 weeks, he left because of a supposed serious illness. This was however a cover, as he was actually recruited to be part of an ultra-elite section of the military known only as the "team" while fighting in Vietnam.

In 1976, after the end of the war, Satō and the "team," as well as a nameless man being questioned by Tosaki in present time, are assigned to a secret recovery mission in Vietnam. With Satō in the lead, the group had managed to perfectly execute the mission in 2 days without firing a single shot, but just as the team was to return to the extraction point, "the devil woke up," as Satō fired a shot, catching the attention of hundreds of enemies, forcing the men into a battle, resulting in one member dead, one heavily injured, and Satō himself without a leg. After his return, he was dishonorably discharged.

SATO and his blade Gelok that is for real

I kinda get Tanaka 's reasons being tortured for 10 years

Tosaki has the recording of Sokabe / The now deceased minister of MHLW knowing about Tosaki's kidnapping Ogura He uses it to prevent his expulsion and getting his team inside the meeting

Tosaki somewhat forgiving Izumi

That was insane Okuyama's EMP frying everything electical including the Ant-Ajin guns.Oh the use of drones and a rooftop assault by cable just brilliant

From what I read Sato's eyes have been opened only twice before

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Posted 6 days ago
Episode 9

Damn, Satou is such a savage. Mastering his IMB control to such a level...

Pretty sure he was in control of the situation the entire game even though he was caught by surprise for a moment. Honestly, I'm kinda disappointed by Kei giving up so easily. He should of put up more of a fight like a man.

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Posted 4 days ago
AJIN 2 EP 9 / 22 "You're the one messing up my life!"

SATO was just so OP / Brutal / and very smart well trained / and everything before was just steps ( or ruses ) for thereal objective

With the local area electronics wiped out Sato and his team go into action

The Anti- AJIN is waiting nut Sato judt outdoes aling with help from Tanaka who reapays him by reviving Sato after he revived Tanaka

The CMDR of the AA's knows Sato is Military with his actions

Meanwhile Kei takes Izumi / Nakano to the meeting room to try to stop / capture SATO

Hirasawa and the rest of Tosaki's squad hold down Sato's men as Sato goes to the Conference room

Kei has the President hostage spoiling Sato's plans .

SATO puts down his weapons and Izumi / Nakano try to tranq him but his IBM is there but Kei's IBM shoots him. However SATO IBM was given orders to revie him and takes down KEI as can summon his IBM Then as punishment he kills Hirasawa and the others .

JUST as SATO is going to Kill KEI for good the Police show up as they were orfered tp go to HQDRS to get Helicopters instead of staying there Of course Sato is one step ahead and esxapews while Kei / Nakano are captured and Sokabe is going to use them as partial redemption for the failed protection plan

But Tosaki tranqashim and takes them away Nakano asks about the others and gets they are dead.

All of Sato's killings were a distraction to get the code from the CEO to get some secret weapons Sato a brilliant villian.

SATO training as AN ULTRA special OPS is insane

SATO can easily counter KEI

R.I.P Hirasawa / team as they were not as bad as first thought .

SATO wanted these ?? I shudder at what they could be ( Oh that went down before was to get these ? )

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Posted 9 hours ago
Kei went full bitch mode episode 9, what a whiny ass pussy.
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