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Posted 1/10/17

i hate it when the bad guys don't die. or you know, something of the sort

Posted 1/10/17
Just finished this show, it was pretty great. I honestly kind of liked the 3D as well.
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Posted 1/25/17 , edited 4/24/17
Ajin Original Anime's Video Shows Sato's Marine Corps Past
OAD bundled with 10th volume will debut on April 7

THE PV is very very intense !!


My thoughts exactly

That was great Sato is one of the most out there villians of all time ! It's simple yet complex Anyway his skiils are apparent from the special unit he was in. All hush-hush Gees and now how can regulat anime imprees me

I watched the OVA which leaves out details and is quite different . However the OVA seems more modern and really captures SATO for what he is,

Either way is a great insight Massive spoilers

For more complete INFRO / and differences I also Spoiled and read the revealant CHP and provided some background from AJIN wiki


Manga Version ( Complete / differences )

Chapter 30 ( Call of Duty ) @ WIKI

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Posted 4/25/17 , edited 4/25/17
The brilliance this show makes my pen1s hard. I have yet to see the OVA's though, can't wait to watch.
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Posted 5/31/17 , edited 5/31/17
Show your support for Ajin

It's Game Day!

Play shogi.
Design game characters.
Spike that ball!.

Or will you be forced into a fight for survival that isn't a game?

Join us for a day of games with your vote in the 2016 Battle tournament to decide the best show of 2016.

Today's choices are:

Match 3: March Comes in Like a Lion vs. New Game!

Match 4: Ajin: Demi-Human vs. Haikyuu!!

Voting for the above will end on
May 31, 2017 @ 8:00 PM EDT

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