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Posted 2/21/17 , edited 2/22/17
My channel is about recommendations and reviews on anime and manga while doing vlogs
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Posted 2/23/17 , edited 3/26/17
I guess I'd already posed in this thread.
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Posted 3/4/17 , edited 3/4/17
I talk about idol anime. Every idol anime! In as close to chronological order as I can from 1970's to now. So far there's 24 episodes! Go check it out here:

The list of episodes so far:
Sasurai no Taiyou
Pink Lady and Sue Cat
Magical Angel Creamy Mami
Idol Densetsu Eriko and Assemble Insert
Idol Tenshi Yokoso Yoko and Kimama ni Idol
Idol Defense Force Hummingbird
Chou Kuse ni Narisou
Idol Project, Kidnapp'n Idol, and Birth ~ Debut
Perfect Blue
Magical Stage Fancy Lala and Kira Kira Melody Gakuen
Chance Pop Session
Full Moon o Sagashite
Wandaba Style
Lovedol and Lemon Angel Project
Kirarin Revolution
Introduction to The [email protected], and The Idolmaster: Live For You (OVA)
Hime Chen Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri
Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream
Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future
The [email protected]
Uta No Prince Sama
Idol Sister (hentai)
Aikatsu (seasons 1-2)
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24 / Is there seriousl...
Posted 3/5/17 , edited 3/5/17
Hello there. I make reviews about anime, manga and manhwa. I have multiple formats, though currently time constraints limit my upload rate. Currrently reviewing the weekly releases of two korean web comics (Tower of God, and Noblesse), and I'm beginning weekly reviews of each episode of Youjo Senki from this week on. When that's finished, I'll start reviewing full series from this seasons roster... particularly looking forward to praising Dragon Maid...

Link to my channel:

Please feel free to leave feedback and critique, I appreciate it all and take everything into consideration!
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Posted 3/18/17 , edited 3/18/17
Hello, I'm some guy from Poland and today I started to do vlogs called Anime Weekly News. This isn't my first channel but I wanted to get better in english so I hope it will be a good way to do this. Can You check this out and give me your opinion?
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Posted 3/23/17 , edited 3/23/17

Amazing reviewer of anime/manga content who is fair. But does curse.
Let him know Zechariah sent ya ;]
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Posted 3/25/17 , edited 3/26/17
I just randomly logged in to site and decided to check too see if the forum I made was alive and it is! So glad there are so many anime or anime fan youtubers!
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Posted 3/26/17 , edited 3/26/17
I make a Moe Star Wars/Anime hybrid with a deep story and heavy lore + character development. It's not so much anime in that it's made as virtual film. The idea is that in their dimension, anime is real. Please subscribe and help me out. I work really hard on it and could use some support.

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Posted 4/3/17 , edited 4/3/17

Hey everyone,

I've been making Youtube videos for a while mostly Pokemon content but I want to get into making anime videos - since it's my total passion and all.

I make sketches and anime round up/reviews and I'll be doing some gameplay in the near future.

I'm an avid editor and motion effects artist so if you enjoy well edited stuff then you may just like what I do :3

Winter Anime review vid:
How to become a competitive pokemon player [sketch]:
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28 / M / In a dumpster wit...
Posted 4/9/17 , edited 4/10/17
I don't know if I consider myself an "animtuber" as what makes one is so vague these days, but I did just get done vlogging all three days of Anime Matsuri in Houston Texas. Shorter than say some of the other vlogs that could go on for almost 30-40 minutes, but more than enough footage. Took a more comedic approach with mine so it's more like a comedic interview with people.
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Posted 4/14/17 , edited 4/14/17
Anime Zone (YouTube Channel)

I make AMVs
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Posted 6/7/17 , edited 6/7/17
Post Anime content (top moments) and im starting to get into GFX (mostly photoshop related) with anime banners and thumbnails

Latest Video (AoT Levi's Best Moments)

Youtube Channel:

Also if you are in need of thumbnails for your youtube channel (and maybe banners) hit me up
Posted 8/2/17 , edited 8/2/17
Just your Anime youtuber Scrub Extraordinaire
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31 / M / England
Posted 8/13/17 , edited 8/13/17
I have recently started a youtube channel in which i have already done over 30 videos covering Anime (mainly) and game song cover's, mainly on the piano but sometimes on other instruments too.

Please check it out, i am open to requests if it#s something i'm able to do i will make sure it happens.

I have already covered 20 different franchises, From Amagi Brilliant Park to Utawarerumono,
and am planning to release 1-2 videos a week. so check back and see if i have covered a song you like.

a link to my channel please check around as i cover many genre's.

Hope i haven't broken any forum rules posting this
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Posted 8/23/17 , edited 8/23/17

hey, everyone, we got good content and were just trying to grow. we bring you Top 5's known as The Perception Roll and podcasts like The Men Who Sit Podcast along with our anime show called The Otaku Stop come check it out

Love, TMWS
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