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Posted 10/9/16 , edited 10/9/16


while there is a long way to go with the animations and intended AI aspects, the photo stills look indistinguishable from reality. She is said to be the creators' daughter. What do you guys think of the potential here for a hyper realistic persona/ eventual AI or synthetic human and how that affects the current perception of reality vs virtual reality?
Posted 10/9/16
These are interesting times, no doubt. I remember in the early 90s when we could fit an FPS game on a floppy disc, which was under 1.4 MB. And mid 90s, when Sam & Max, created by LucasArts, had to be installed from three separate floppy discs. Diablo 2: Lord of Descruction, in the late 90s, came on 4 CD's (700 MB each), including a cinematic CD which had to be installed unless you wanted the game to go apeshit between loading acts. The MMORPG EverQuest 2, having lived for 13 years now, boosted in size with the birth of our beloved DSL, and what seems like an equal amount of expansions since 03, have barely reached the size that modern single player games, like Quantum Break, are pushing for now... a hot damn -- 100 GB -- I'm gonna need to upgrade my hard drive -- space. Thanks to fiber optics! And thanks to my number one unofficial internet pirate Microsoft, whom prior to the release of DX12 said that it would be the final DX before they had to go back to 97, in order to progress from what was the then graphical halt, and explore alternatives with OpenGL-- my preferred method of rendering graphics in Half-Life.

I recommend FaceWorks (GTC 2013), if you haven't already seen the video, or tried the software. The whole session is used to explain how, as humans, we need imperfections not to be creeped out, and how they're now working on smoothing those factors out.

Another thing, is that while some are working on improving virtual reality goggles, to put us closer to- or inside our graphical worlds in a sense, others, like Microsoft again, have taken a different approach by focused on pulling elements from these graphical worlds out and into reality (HoloLens announced with Windows 10). It's not sci-fi when it's already here I suppose :s

That's all I've got on the subject.
Posted 10/9/16
I'll finally be able to get a girlfriend with the improvements to AI, I am excited.

(technology is coming a long way. I wonder what I will see before I die)
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I've never played Minecraft before but after this video I want to Sorry, it's AR, not VR, but yeah. At 2:55 you can see her character jump around on the table, in the game >_> The terrible sales pitch, though *snort*
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Posted 10/9/16
I thought this was about Song of Saya/Saya No Uta.
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