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Impromptu Poetry
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28 / M / Somewhere Else, NY
Posted 11/26/06
Who What Where Why When? How?
Who is that guy?
What is he doing with that blender?
Where is he going to put that hand?
Why is that person awake?
When will he plug it in?
How am I supposed to watch this movie when you keep asking questions?
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26 / F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 11/26/06
Impromptu poetry? Here goes nothing . . .

I'm on a diet
And it ain't coo'
And I've been getting so thin
That you could just break me in two
Yes, I'm on a diet
No, it ain't grand
But you have to understand
I need someone to hold my hand . . .

Ta-da! More of a song than a poem. xD Now what?
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32 / M / England
Posted 11/26/06
I think I'll stick some good poetry up here for comparison:

Leonard Cohen - Last Year's Man Lyrics

The rain falls down on last year's man,

that's a jew's harp on the table,

that's a crayon in his hand.

And the corners of the blueprint are ruined since they rolled

far past the stems of thumbtacks

that still throw shadows on the wood.

And the skylight is like skin for a drum I'll never mend

and all the rain falls down amen

on the works of last year's man.

I met a lady, she was playing with her soldiers in the dark

oh one by one she had to tell them

that her name was Joan of Arc.

I was in that army, yes I stayed a little while;

I want to thank you, Joan of Arc,

for treating me so well.

And though I wear a uniform I was not born to fight;

all these wounded boys you lie beside,

goodnight, my friends, goodnight.

I came upon a wedding that old families had contrived;

Bethlehem the bridegroom,

Babylon the bride.

Great Babylon was naked, oh she stood there trembling for me,

and Bethlehem inflamed us both

like the shy one at some orgy.

And when we fell together all our flesh was like a veil

that I had to draw aside to see

the serpent eat its tail.

Some women wait for Jesus, and some women wait for Cain

so I hang upon my altar

and I hoist my axe again.

And I take the one who finds me back to where it all began

when Jesus was the honeymoon

and Cain was just the man.

And we read from pleasant Bibles that are bound in blood and

that the wilderness is gathering

all its children back again.

The rain falls down on last year's man,

an hour has gone by

and he has not moved his hand.

But everything will happen if he only gives the word;

the lovers will rise up

and the mountains touch the ground.

But the skylight is like skin for a drum I'll never mend

and all the rain falls down amen

on the works of last year's man.


This is possibly the most beautiful thing I have heard or written.
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29 / M / South of sanities...
Posted 11/26/06
no ones perfect
atleast thats what they say
nothings perfect
thats what they want you to believe
because in the end there is only you
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Posted 10/10/07
you go down to buy
that cd you've been wanting to get
once you buy it you begin to sigh
because you don't wanna listen to it you re all set

Boxes of chocolates given to you
Shoved away by others there
Thrown on the ground with nothing to do
Other than be eaten by large bears
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27 / F / Joke Harbor,WA (t...
Posted 11/1/07
beneath the dark skies
and the full moon
memories like rain wash down
upon me,no emotion,just
numbness seem to be what i feel.
but knowing a new light with the
coming of dawn,all is now well
under all circumstances to be
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M / PA
Posted 11/1/07
Here's one i wrote a few months back, let me know what you think (I'm an ameteur, so be kind ^_^" )

Woe to Love

I saw her sitting there in contemplation,
Unaware I admire her from far.
What’s this incredible sensation?
As I begin to find out whom you are.
Now that you’re here all else fails to compare,
Like a lone rose among a bush of thorn.
Luminous eyes and skin so very fair,
Yet… now your gone, whom am I to adorn?
Now I walk alone, feeling incomplete,
Memories of days past surface once more.
No more is there an extra set of feet,
There is too much pain to try to ignore.
It seems I’ll always remember for years,
The girl who brought me to eternal tears…
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28 / F / NYC
Posted 11/1/07
some haikus are wierd
some times they can be random
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24 / F / Neverland
Posted 11/20/07
Painted Image. By:Me

Taunting, screeching sounds
Shut behind that one glass door
Silence surrounds me
I carry on
Walking up to an exhibition
An abstract painting
Glimpses of colors
Strike right back.
They touch you once,
once when you glance
Sending you away, too far away

The surroundings entrance me
Silence takes its seat
And suddenly leaves
Trees are planted on
Each and every street
They bounce messages to
Each other.
Swaying in sequence
Scattering leaves together.
An unbreakable bond.

Footsteps stomp in an unsteady beat
Wrapped around the cold breaths
Dry leaves crack in displeasure
They split under the feet
Then blow hopelessly
Passing away, in bore

Waste under grates
Cluttered, abandoned
A leaf fighting with the wind
Avoiding feet in fright
Cars don’t stop
They don’t wait for time
People chatter on, their
Mouths in continuous movement.
This aggravates me

Left by myself
Under the sun
Its flames have no use
They’ve lost already
To the breath taker: wind

The branches on the tree
They are limp, bent to the ground
Shuddering like the blaze of a
Candle in despair
The houses lined up
Act like students
Forced to be obedient
They all look the same
In their prick, neat uniforms
Different only in the shade
Of the color.

I’m taken back
Once again, I
I move along
To another exhibition,
I’m entranced by its painted image.

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68 / M / Canada
Posted 1/7/08
Just a Queer Ordinary Day

It's the end of a beautiful day,
to walk on the gorgeous bay,
and yell out what I gotta say.
By the way,
What day is it today?
It's the end of a beautiful day.

Of course, we mustn't remorse
the past, cause we gotta be fast
on our feet, riding on every beat.
Learning from every move,
but your excuse is just to get your on groove.

I really wanted to ask you,
but heck I'ma nervous wreck,
I'm not in too deep,
but this fall is still so steep.
Honestly, with my whole heart,I don't want to be torn apart.
Even though I knew the result,
I still pursued you without a halt.
Sadness fills every hole,
within my morning cereal bowl.

It's the beginning of a sad day,
to walk on the gloomy bay,
and wimper out what I gotta say.
It's the beginning of a sad day.


Some want to swerve itchingly around,
Some want to serve beyond the limiting grounds.
Some want to converge and completely merge,
but I am among the some,
that want to conserve and preserve.

not finished.

I believe people can change,
that is why I cannot hold hatred in the long range.
Just for now, I will not be niave,
Just for now, I will not be

Hollaback if these are OK!
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32 / M / auckland
Posted 1/7/08

Eyes hazy.
Sleep deprived, I'm manic
Another insomnia's delirium.

Lips craving.
For that little devil that comes in packs.
Twenty is the magic number.

In a white room jam-packed with white leather.
My head don't hurt when i collide against it.
I threw myself up as quickly as i nosedive down.
Just the sensation underneath my skin.

I ask and asked..
When will this agonies retire
Then the cloud terraforms
To a stranger's face

With his compasion and grandiose
He said to me...
He didn't say to me..
He didn't say to me..

It went away and
The cloud disperesed.
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32 / M / auckland
Posted 1/7/08
Opened my eyes,
counting cracks in the ceiling.
I turned sideway but,
The reality didn't shift

So eearily quiet.
Silence envelops my body,
Vision darkened like velvet

When the light shed on a spot,
in the lime-light there's a mask of black and white.
I can clearly see it's cruel lips curling
Ready to preach words of tragedy.

Got me lying on the cold tiles of the floor.
Waking up, you realize..
Heaven could be another bitch
That'll break your heart.
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105 / F / Indianapolis, Ind...
Posted 1/8/08
It stares at me, unblinkingly waiting for my response.
Bright, silent, unyielding, giving nothing.
I look down wondering where to put my hands,
Wondering if I don't respond,
But I should say something.

Slight movements; the slightest of blinks
Catching it in my sight, I begin to think
What the hell, just go for it
My hands move, the blinking ceases to be
If they don't like my words, tought sh**
I express what is me...
and this is crunchyroll.
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32 / M / auckland
Posted 1/8/08
My world ended ages ago.
Judgement day was
that moment when my foot set off the plane.
With a feigned smile
Eager to please those,
Desperate to feel what they feel,
When they gasp in wonder,
"this is our new home"

There's no swarms of locust.
Just a small solid square,
a nest, a hive
for this bitterness to grow.
That little child was forever lost
in the blackest forrest of confusion.
Wanting to hate everything
Wanting to blame
But there's no object around to blame or hate.

It's karma.
It's bad luck
It's destiny
It's fucking bad fate for some stupid motherfucker to have the desire to burn the fucking city.
Empowering themselves with their sets of torches
Hateful chants that tells us we're the devils coz we're diffrent
Not knowing the casualties is the one that love their land all the same.

Fuck you for robbing off my life
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24 / M / CT
Posted 1/8/08
poetry is a great way to let out emotion and relieve stress
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