Working in a Chinese Take-Out Place
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Posted 10/10/16 , edited 10/10/16
Have any of you worked in a Chinese Take-Out Place? If so, what was the most difficult/challenging part of the job? And was there any fun parts of the job? Do tell!
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Posted 10/11/16 , edited 10/11/16
I was a Server for a small Thai restaurant for a few It was alright, the only thing that was lame was I would legit work at 11:00 in the morning and work all the way until close which was 10:00 at night. You work with only one other Server, and all the tips that was made that day gets split in half between the two.

What was fun, was if you worked with the right person or a friend, the day would be so relaxed, I remember I would just nap in the booth with my buddy for an hour or so cause it was so slow, or we would watch movies off our
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Posted 1/7/18 , edited 1/7/18
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