Robotech or Macross?
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Posted 10/10/16
So Robotech is on netflix now, meaning I'm probably going to watch it once I get enough time. This of course begs the question, which one is better? The original Macross anime? Or it's american localisation with heavy alterations, Robotech? I have had little to no exposure to either one previously, so I need you guys to let me know which one you recommend. Thanks in advance.
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Posted 10/11/16
Wow, this is gonna be a tougher question to answer than I first thought. I had my answer than realized it was only a partial answer and had to re-write it a few times. Think I have it down now so here goes.

Robotech, both is and isn't Macross. Robotech is actually the Americanized combination (by Carl Macek's Harmony Gold) of 3 separate mostly unrelated series by the same studio (Tatsunoko Productions) ...

Robotech is an epic connected storyline that changes all three stories to make them fit together as one. Some hate this, others love the concept. I grew up on Robotech and loved it when it was originally on but hadn't had the chance to see the original three series until college when my cousin enlisted me into the local anime club he belonged to. Did it change my opinion on Robotech. No, not really. I still enjoyed Robotech as it's own entity but also found myself loving the original three series due to their own unique feels as standalone series. I'd make a somewhat weird suggestion, watch episode one of both and decide which one you prefer and continue watching that incarnation.
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Posted 1/7/18
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