Godzilla Resurgence
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Posted 10/12/16 , edited 10/13/16

Just got back from the theater! Our city was lucky to get a showing of it. I went with some hardcore fans. It was so intense! I want to see it again. But we only have one more showing tomorrow.

So do you guys think Anno did justice to Godzilla? Anything else you felt show have been explained, or included?
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Posted 10/15/16 , edited 10/15/16
Definitely a different kind of storyline for a G-film! But it was very well done, and the idea of Gojira as a world menace was well done. The military attack scenes were awesome, as was G's new style of breath/energy weapon.

Yes this is a fine entry into the Godzilla mythos.
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Posted 3/30/17 , edited 3/30/17
I think over all a great movie. But it cam down hard on the Japanese government I think unfairly
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