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Posted 10/13/16
The following contains spoilers for those who haven't seen the latest Naruto episode or read the manga.

Today's episode was primarily canon, though there were scenes added in that might be considered canon, as they logically bridge gaps the manga left, due to the series' writer, Masashi Kishimoto being keen on ending the manga on chapter 700, which is the epilogue.

Today's episode covered chapter 699 in which

What will follow now is a small filler arc about some of the character's origins before moving into canon material. This stuff isn't based on the manga, but is based on some of the novels that were written as part of the Naruto Project, which celebrated the end of the series. This also includes Naruto: The Last, which I strongly recommend you watch if you haven't already. To do so legally, you can buy it on Blu Ray on various sites that I probably can't mention here.

Finally, this will presumably culminate with the animators finally opening the pages to chapter 700, the series' epilogue.

For more detail, follow this link:

Apologies for the spam I've been making on the video comments section, just want to make sure no-one misses the canon material because of the filler that's coming next!
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Posted 10/13/16
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