Your thoughts on Falls 2016 anime line u.
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Posted 10/14/16
I don't know for me it doesn't look like the best I seen but there are good choices to watch.
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Posted 10/14/16
Here's one I prepared earlier:

As should be obvious, these are merely my personal reactions to the first or second episodes and I have no interest in arguing or defending them.

All signs point to GO (in no particular order):
=Trickster (Admittedly not strong on plot, but plenty of things going on to keep interest. One of the leads has quite unique and interestingly realised circumstances.)

=Izetta the Last Witch (wartime-set drama has strong relationship-building between leads, detailed animation and an eye for setting mood.)

=Yuri on Ice (beautifully animated ice-skating scenes, strong characterisation of leads, more 'serious' sports drama)

=ClassicaLoid (random nuttiness told with flair and gusto)

=March Comes in Like a Lion (A solid foray into depression and how it affects interaction. Does have a mild case of mood whiplash - some scenes snap from moody to manically bubbly in an instant.)

=All Out (Fun, upbeat sports series - nothing spectacular but ticks all the right boxes.)

=SENGOKUCHOJYUGIGA (3 minute episodes) (Weird, unique animation, funny, historical and the voices are on point.)

=Kiss Him, Not Me (Looks like a reverse harem, pretends to be a boy's love series - is instead a romantic comedy in the tradition of Ouran High School Host Club.)

=Poco's Udon World (Sweet, funny, lighthearted slice-of life fish-out-of water kind of thing, in the vein of Barakamon.)

=Kiitaro's Youkai Picture Diary (4 minute episodes) (Pretty amusing look at some of the weirder and more obscure youkai from Japanese lore.)

Watch This Space:
Occultic;Nine (Terrible character 'design', rushed pacing, mostly irrelevant dialogue, giving it the benefit of the doubt for episode 2 because of Steins; Gate and the small amount of interest generated from the worldbuilding.)

Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200:
Matoi the Sacred Slayer (Painfully generic)

Aooni the Blue Monster (Attempts at gory humor fail)

Bloodivores (Character's actions senseless)

Gakuen Handsome (Deliberately sucky animation not rescued by insultingly stupid 'humour')

Magic-kyuun! Renaissance (Generic reverse-harem with music.)

Dream Festival (Bland male-idol setting, nothing of note)

Miss Bernard Said (main character only pretends to like books - multiple references, seems unsure of target audience)
Ninja Girl & Samurai Master (Comedy series that just isn't funny)

To Be Hero (Crude 'humour' causes cringing)

Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru (I think you would need to have played the game)

Flip Flappers (Animation was great, good pacing, plot incomprehensible, and I didn't care about the characters)

Soul Buster (Awful, awful 'filter' effect truly distracting.)

Nanbaka (They blew all their jokes in episode 1, by 2 they were just going through the motions)

Cheating Craft (Same as above, ended up as a bad shonen parody.)

Girlish Number (wasn't bad, just wasn't that interesting - seemed to basically be the main character being a bit of a Prima Donna and generally being quite critical of the anime industry.)
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Posted 10/14/16
Here's what i plan to watch:

All Out!
Izetta the Last Witch
Flip Flappers
Matoi the Sacred Slayer
Brave Witches
Occultic; Nine (despite some of it's flaws)
Bungo Stray Dogs 2nd season/cour
Sound! Euphonium 2nd season

There may be more but these are (at least to me) must watch.
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Posted 12/16/17
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