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Science Racist?
Posted 10/17/16 , edited 10/17/16

Granitefish wrote:

pandrasb wrote:

It's not a troll video

this is a troll video

I knew what video that would be and I still clicked it. I wasn't wrong.

never gets old
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Posted 10/17/16 , edited 10/17/16

NillaWaferz wrote:

Dogempire wrote:

Well, if electronic items in South Africa ran on ancient African curse power then she would have a point.

Also I'm pretty sure if lightning magic worked we would be spamming the crap out of it on Trump and Hillary.

Forget Trump and Hillary, more like everyone in Washington. If we ad a responsible, ethical legislature then it wouldn't even matter if either of these two clowns was in the White House.

Everybody is getting all whooped up about how awful these two are, but they shouldn't be that impactful without the complicity of Congress. Other than executive orders, which are supposed to be limited in scope or an represent a responsible emergency exercise of power (i.e. to resolve some acute problem rather than have a lasting impact on the public) Even SCOTUS nominees and cabinet appointments are subject to approval by the Senate.

You behave like a mainstream Republican in their hacked leftest accounts on Facebook; you lose your position in the Republican party but you apparently also lose your position in the congress so you now are accusing the congress for your previous corruption. The Republican core ideology can no longer hold the Republicans since many U.S. citizen now do not use the Capitalist fantasy logic from kid`s cartoons to guide their understanding of the world; this is why the Republican party need a totalitarian extremist like Trump to hold the Republican party together.
It is ironic how your party become fragmented by the Capitalist fantasy when you try to do the same in your opposition; you hack into key Marxist accounts, implant your Capitalist fantasy into Marxist communities, and then accuse the Marxist for embracing the Capitalist fantasy. You also try to do the same thing in other left-wing groups. You even try to convince the Republicans to maintain the Republican traditional ideology against Trump without any incentive; this is the very method that you convince the hacked leftest communities to do and which your accuse the leftest for embracing. Also this 'African magic' may simply be some rhetoric as you had previously claim about the invisible hand in this topic.
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Posted 12/17/17 , edited 12/17/17
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