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whats up with people using russia as a scare tactic in everything now?
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Posted 10/16/16 , edited 10/17/16

Ocale wrote:

Jamming777 wrote:

Hrafna wrote:

Scandinavians don't use Russia as a scare tactic. We've been ignoring their nuclear threats for 50 years, and we will continue to do so, because they're chickenshit, just like America.

Ask the residents of Nagasaki and Hiroshima if they agree.

America's nuking of Nipland is comparable to the most popular kid at school punching some idiot in the face. In that position, it doesn't take much bravery.

The B-29 was the first of a series of nuclear strategic weapons, having superior quality control and advanced milling precision, requires the "right-stuff" where bravery is associated with principled action\reaction. There are more complex logistics and scientific activity than a punch to a silly face Scandinavian.
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Posted 10/17/16 , edited 10/17/16
Fear is the key. As the lyrics go.
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cdarklock wrote:

redokami wrote:

last time I heard a good amount of them wanted to be back with Russia?

Not enough to elect a government that does. You DO know that Ukrainian government is a constitutional republic with elections, right?

ahahahahaha good one

anyone that reads real information and not propaganda knows that USNATO helped coup the government in Ukraine in 2014 after they rejected the EU's offer and decided to go with Putin's trade deal instead.

Magically, nobody puts 2+2 together and says GEEE WALLY, after the government was overthrown, "Kyiv" that they renamed it to is AWFUL close to USEUNATO!

And make sure you believe Obama's crayon drawing about MH-17, because that's more believable than the Russian satellite output that showed actual paths taken by the planes.

And let's also forget about the new kiev government feeling the need to "diversify" their assets and sell off TWENTY TONS of gold from their central bank - and move 'em into counterfeit DOLLARS instead! (the dutch were getting demanding about helping whitewash that investigation, after all)

so much facepalm.
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Posted 10/17/16 , edited 10/17/16
Sorry Americans but i like what Putin is doing. He's saying fuck you to the big bankers and also not allowing the US to do what the fuck they want when they want to whom they want where ever they want.
I like how he speaks the truth about Muslims and about problems in white nations also. Not that he's doing much about that though. There's no shortage of Muslims in Russia.

They dont fuck around either. Smashing the fuck out of alot of those terrorists. Including the Americain funded and trainned ones :P

But dont get me wrong, when shit goes down, iam still happy that Australia is on Americas side/Americas ally.
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Posted 10/17/16 , edited 10/17/16
You think this is bad, you should have been there for the 80's. We used to have nuke drills at school where we'd all hide under our desks as if a dinky wooden and metal desk were going to save us against a nuke. Here's my thoughts on this subject so eloquently stated by Kevin Bacon:
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