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Posted 10/16/16

1) The Windows App on desktop does not store the volume level set by the user. This may not be an issue with mobile app users, as the device volume settings can be adjusted for media, however the desktop app volume levels cannot be controlled in the same way, without turning down the system's master volume. I have a tendency to stream videos nearly day and night, and having the volume reset to max volume when another video is loaded is a serious issue especially when others are sleeping or talking on a phone. The ability to store volume slider settings and retain it through loading videos would resolve this.

2) The Windows App on desktop does not seem to be able to tell when a video is at the end. When watching a series that has already been watched, the videos auto load in order as they are supposed to, however they tend to load at the end of the video and immediately start the next video... which ironically is also at the end of the video. Within 30 seconds, an entire 24 episode series has gone through without actually watching any of them.


When using a mobile device to stream videos, it is not necessary to have a scroll bar, although it is nice to have, much like the android version of the CR App does. Although, due to positioning, it is difficult to use the slider on some devices. This feature is not even available on the Windows App. Even on mobile devices, being able to use the scroll bar to traverse through a queue would be convenient. Those that use their desktop to stream through the CR App would be able to use the scroll bar instead of the mouse wheel giving them a little more control over how fast to sort through videos and where to stop.


I've been using Crunchyroll for anime streaming for a very long time. I was happy when the CR App was announced for android. I Stream CR on my Roku HD, my PS4, my Galaxy Note 4, my Windows Tablet, my Android Tablet, as well as my desktop. I have previously also streamed on Wii. As much as I enjoy streaming videos on my desktop, I despise the performance of most web browsers during extended streaming sessions. Due to this I try to find Apps for streaming from those services on my desktop.

The creation of the windows app had me believing my issues with streaming Crunchyroll on my desktop were over. I refuse to use Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and some other browsers. And Firefox's recent issues have made streaming virtually unbearable. Much like with the Netflix app, I would love to be able to use the Crunchyroll app for all of my anime streaming, as recently I've had to put anime streaming on a back burner due to the issues listed above on the app, and browser issues.

I hope the issues are able to be addressed in some fashion, as I love Crunchyroll and would love to be able to stream with as little issue as I have with the Netflix app.
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