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Posted 10/17/16 , edited 10/18/16
Hello everyone. Sorry for the late uploads on this community. Between some things irl and finding a good list it has taken some time. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the manga on this list. Now, I don't want to just restrict it to Japanese manga only, so please feel free to add any Chinese or Korean story recommendations here as well. I will update this shortly some time.
Add any series you'd like to recommend.

#1 Mahoutsukai no Yome:
This manga, also known as The Ancient Magus' Bride, follows the story of 16 year old Hatori Chise who finds herself in an auction on the black market, now fully in a place where the strange and magical are the norm. From a young age Chise has had the Sight; able to see paranormal beings only thought to exist in olden fables, but it has left her isolated from those closest to her. That was until the day the great magician Elias Ainsworth, a kind-hearted towering figure who looks more fae than man, took her under his wing, with the hope of utilizing her talents. The abilities she once thought of as being a curse may just become her gift. But that is not all the secrets she will learn by Elias' side.

My thoughts: My discription can do this series no justice. I had read this manga on a whim, and I do not regret it at all. It has a rich story with a deep world that has been carefully constructed. The world it builds for itself is an immersive one that draws the reader in. It will always remain numer one on my most recommended charts for this fact.

#2 Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari:
The series follows Naofumi Iwatani, a university student on a tight budget, who goes to a library to read the books for free. There, an old book fall from above and strikes him, taking interest in it he picks it up and flicks through the pages as it tells the story of the four heroes who use the artifact weapons; spear, sword, bow and shield. But after that the pages are blank, unfinished. Before he could do anything, though, he falls unconscious, awakening to a new world that seems as though it were taken from a fantasy novel. Iwatani, along with three others, are named as the new four heroes who will prevent the Apocolypse from destroying this world. Though, Iwatani's artifact, the shield, leaves him as someone who is pushed away from the other heroes who see him as the weakest player. However, one person sides with him; a woman named Malty, and the two soon set out to train. However, upon waking the next day Iwatani is attacked by numerous guards who arrest him for a terrible crime he did not commit. And without trial or any other way for him to prove his innocence he is shunned, sent away from the city with no money, just the clothes on his back and the shield. But, though he may be a shield hero, he soon finds that his artifact is not only for the defensive. He will not take the injustice lying down, and neither will he do it alone as he fights those who would see him put down as well as the invasions of demonic creatures who would bring the end of the world. Pushed to the edge Iwatani finds he is more resourceful than he had thought.

My thoughts: This series is one that I believe is under appreciated. Though it's genre as been explored numerous times Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari adds new twists to it that makes it feel completely different than the others. I know that the novel is completeed (?) maybe, but I have not read it. I also know there are some things that are different but I quite like the manga itself.

#3 World Customize Creator:
World Customize Creator follows a gamer called Tagami Yusuke who is playing a video game on the steps of a shrine when he happens to hear the voice call forward the "Evil God of Calamity". As he tries to find out what is going on a gust of wind sweeps through and he feels himself get pulled from his body, a part of him was then transported to a darkened space with the voice asking to "state his desire" and the promise of power. Still shaken and with hazy thoughts he says "being able to customize anything" and thus he is sent to an alternate world, awakening on the shrine of the Evil God, and with powers to customize and edit anything he wishes. A power that could bring ultimate destruction in the wrong hands, or be a saving grace for those in need in the right hands. Yusuke finds himself the focus of attention in no time with such abilities. But what can his powers fully do?

My thoughts: A recent manga that I have taken interest in, it has only a few chapters out thus far but it has been a worthwhile read. It is similiar in many ways to the genre of Tate no Yuusha, yes, but it too has some differences that make it a good manga. As such I would highly recommend keeping an eye on this one.
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#4 Superior/Superior Cross:
Superior starts off in a world ravaged by the Demon Queen who, after either destroying or bringing in the monsters of the world, had destroyed half the world's population in the dark past. Now, after some silence from the Demon Queen the humans of the world elected a single hero, Exa, to slay the evil that has spread without pause. But, to everyone's dismay, Exa finds himself unable to outright dispatch the monsters he comes across as they are more self aware and conscious than humans thought, creating doubt for his cause.
On the other hand, the once quiet Demon Queen observes the new hero from afar at first, taking interest in him. But this secrecy lasts only moments when she is discovered, though thinking quick saves her as she hides her identity, hoping to continue observing this interesting hero on his quest and, ultimately, killing him after gaining his trust.

My thoughts: Superior was just a random series I had stumbled across. At first I was unsure of how it would turn out but the story slowly yet surely grabbed my attention fully and before I knew it I finished the first series of it within a week. Unlike others of its nature Superior never overplays the "hiding identity" card yet still manages to keep things suspensful and interesting. The characters are all so interesting as well, with each one standing out in their own unique way. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good read.

#5 Kanojo wa Rokurokubi:
Kanojo wa Rokurokubi is an interesting story of a world where yokai announced their presence to the world, changing everything in a way no had foreseen. The story takes place a while after humans and yokai have learned to live together--in a way. We follow the life of Natsuki Kanoi, a rokurokubi yokai (a notable yokai who possesses the ability to stretch her neck out), as she attends school alongside her friends who are a mix of human and other yokai, and their interactions in a world where they are still trying to learn to coexist.

My thoughts: I can't really do this series justice, as it is a slice of life series in every sense. It does touch on subjects such as the lingering division between yokai and humans, romance, friendship, and comedy. It's a slow-paced series that is good to spend some time reading once and a while.

#6 Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?:
This series, also known as "So I'm a spider, what about it?", is another interesting one. A series where we find the protagonist, a young girl named Kumoko, as she is suddenly teleported from her day in school to a dark tunnel underneath the ground somewhere. But that is not all. She soon finds herself waking as a spider. She now has to fight hard in order to survive as many of her spider "siblings" die around her. Not knowing whether she is the only one to know who she is she continues on alone and uncertain, learning the ropes of a new fantasy world.

My thoughts: This story was one that I found quite entertaining to read with many interesting elements added to a story some are familiar with. I can't say much else about it yet because I have only just really started not long ago, but as far as I have gotten I do recommend it to everyone.
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#7 Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records:
Status: Ongoing
Author: Tarou Hitsuji
Artist: Aosa Tsunemi
Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records, also known by “Akashic Records of the Bastard Magical Instructor”, follows the stories of three prominent characters; Rumia Tingel, who still feels haunted by a past she has kept quiet about for years, but which may come back to threaten her peaceful new life and the lives of those she cares about. Sistene Fibel, who is bound by a single promise to her deceased grandfather and aims to explore and unlock the mysteries of the floating sky castle that has remained an enigma to this day. And Glenn Radars, a laid-back substitute teacher who plays the good-for-nothing fool, but hides a dark and bloody past himself, a past few know, and even fewer have lived to tell about. These three are forced to work together as a powerful organization thought long gone begins to activate once more from the shadows.

My thoughts: Many may already know this series due to its anime adaption release. The series does a good job of explaining the workings of magic in an interesting way, kind of reminding me of the different ways Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei helped readers understand it all. Though we may see some clichés here and there throughout the story, they slowly become few and far between. This manga is still ongoing, and it has captured my interest for so long. I recommend checking it out for anyone.

#8 Taiyou no Ie:
Status: Completed
Author: Taamo
Artist: Taamo
Taiyou no Ie, otherwise known as “House of the Sun”, is another wonderful manga series I feel compelled to recommend. It follows the story of childhood friends’ Motomiya Mao and Nakamura Hiro as they must learn to live together after Mao is left homeless. They both become a support for each other as Hiro works hard to make a home for his siblings to come back to once more after they were all separated following the tragic death of their parents ten years prior. Mao, too, faces hardship as she tries hard to be accepted by a father who has all but abandoned her after having remarried. Facing such trying times these two will find that sometimes perseverance can lead to reward. This manga follows the stories of tragedy, loss, support, forgiveness and love.

My thoughts: Taiyou no Ie is a story I have only just recently come across prior to writing this. I may say this a lot—but I really did fall in love with this story instantly. I was unable to put it down and before I knew it I was at the end. The writing and art flow together really well, both conveying the emotion each well-written character feels. I just loved how all the interactions between the characters seemed so natural. I have already added it as one of my top favourites.
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