Any censorship in the Crunchyroll version of these Anime?
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Posted 10/17/16
If there is a less censored version of any of these Anime I would like to know, I hate Censorship in any Anime, so I would be willing to just purchase physical media if there's a less censored version. I know Crunchyroll does TV broadcast versions, but I'm not sure if all of these have changes.
I count censorship as removal of gore, scene removal/replacement, and literally censored marks.

So anyone know anything about these?

Demon King Daimo
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
The Comic Artist
Girl's High
Rio Rainbow Gate
Ah My Buddha
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Posted 10/17/16
It's normal for most anime's to be censored. If your lucky enough to get a uncensored anime it's typically the Blu-ray release exclusives. I remember finding a site a few years back that catalogued anime and if there was a uncensored version and if so on DVD or Blu-ray. I don't recall the name tho.
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Posted 10/18/16 , edited 10/18/16
For some reason, there are two versions of My Wife is the Studen Council President: uncensored and sensored.

On the other hand, DVD edition of Strike Witches is uncensored. Goes to 2nd season.
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Posted 1/7/18
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