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Posted 10/18/16
1) Mechanics: 8
1) Hook:
Was good but not fantastic. The introduction of the main protagonist was perfect, it just lacked any interesting and eye catching qualities. Who wants to follow the story of a single business man who still lives with his parents?
2) Rising Action:
The Rising action was very gradual and is very good. It greatly anticipated a good story. I wouldn't change anything about this.
3) Climax:
At this point the main character Koshiro has already accepted his fallen apart and thrown most of his morals away. He quit running away from his feelings at this point in the anime. This was episode 10 in the series.
4) Falling Action:
All done in one episode and that was ep 13. It was upsetting and felt like part 13's point was only for the purpose of having a falling action in the story. Like they forgot to add it in or something. So it was a tad bit disappointing. But it was only a little and just for a moment.
5) Resolution:
The resolution fell hard on it's face. It was incomplete and rushed. As if the anime creator got bored with this anime and just wanted it to end. We all expected this ending in a way and it was rather boring.
2) Pathos: 10
You could really feel the emotions of Koshiro and Nanoka. You could easily place yourselves into their shoes to a certain extent. They appealed greatly to the viewer. Ironically Koshiro was the one acting more like a women than anyone else in the entire series (almost). We see Nanoka's cute and girly side gradually more throughout the story.
3) Story: 9
Definitely one of a kind. Nothing like Oriemo, this has a more adult and mature outlook on the category of incest. From beginning to the climax Koshiro was a clam and kept to himself. Letting no one in. Until his sister came into the picture that is. Nanoka was the only one who actually tried really hard to get Koshiro to open up. She wanted to be apart of his life while he was fine with being depressed and a “stick in the mud”. Nanoka's interest into her older brother began (in my opinion) on the Ferris wheel the first time. When she saw him start crying for what appeared to be for no apparaent reason.
4) Plot: 10
The plot was more psychological than anything else. Koshiro had many inner quarrels due to his past relationship and the move in of his younger sister he hasn't seen in 10 or so years. He did everything he could to avoid her and at times she did the same right back to him.
5) Soundtrack: 6
Not very unique or memorable. The ending theme song was very dull and the music throughout the entire anime wasn't that good.
6) Art: 10
The art style was very unique compared to that of regular mainstream anime. The Cherry Blossoms added an extravagant atmosphere to the entire series as if it were symbolism. The cherry blossoms probably do symbolize something along the lines of awakening or realization. You'll notice them throughout the series as the Cherry Blossoms will fall mindlessly from the trees at seemingly random times. But I'm here to say that they aren't just random, they have a deeper meaning intended by the producer.
7) Character Development: 8
The introduction of the mother hurt the score of character development. She was there and no there at the same time until we finally meet her in episode 13 for no real reason. As if the producer or writer got lazy and forgot that the mother was only aired in memories and needed to be included into the story. Now as for the main protagonist Koshiro and Nanoka, their characters developed quite nicely as the anime series carried on. As for Zenzo (The father) his character development was very interesting. Koshiro's parents didn't have high character development probably due to the fact that they weren't very important to the main story. Same goes for Koshiro's ex-girlfriend, she was willy nilly tossed into the story for what appeared to be no other reason than to remind the audience that Koshiro recently got out of a relationship. But I believe her screen time was a bit unnecessary. She didn't have a purpose and had little screen time. We get it when Koshiro said he recently broke up with some one, we didn't need screen time of his ex. Or maybe she was there to stir emotions of Koshiro to add flavor to the story, possibly. Also I wished to learn more about Zenzo and Makie, as in how they met and the reason for the break up between them.
8) Voice Acting: 10
Very good and not a voice out of place. Not more can be said.
9) Length: 9
Loses a point because of episode 13. Episode 13 seemed pointless and the producer probably could've found some way to wrap up the series on episode 12. In fact I already thought the series was pretty much wrapped up be the end of 12, for the most part that is.
10) Subbed/dubbed: 8
There were a few cringey mistakes in the subbing of the anime but not many. I can only recall at least 3 times. But at least the audience still understood what the subbing was trying to say. Scratch that there was one line of text that didn't make any sense and I had to go off of context clues in the anime at that particular moment to know what was trying to be said.
11) Other comments:
All in all, the series was enjoyable to watch and follow along to. I would recommend this anime to people who like symbolism, Slice of Life, just a little bit of Romance, and light hearted novels. This isn't a hentai so if you were looking for a good brother sister hentai this isn't for you.
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Posted 10/18/16
I don't give spoilers or too many to ruin the story
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