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Posted 10/19/16 , edited 10/19/16
I'm not sure if my message to customer service even got through, as I just got what looked like an automated (and if not automated, then completely indifferent) reply, so I'm trying again here, quoting what I wrote in the message...

For the third time in a couple of months, you guys haven't been able to get the most recent chapter of Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (227) out on time. This is just not okay when it's a service you expect people to pay for.

I am going to complain as long as you expect people to pay and then can't even be bothered to give a reason for the delay.

You're doing a good job with your other manga simulpubs, but your sloppiness and indifference regarding the Yamada-kun simulpub needs to stop.

By the way, the newest chapter of Fuuka also seems to be delayed without explanation. (But I don't read that series, so here I'll let others do the complaining)
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