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Sweden doodles with terrorists
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Posted 10/20/16

Amyas_Leigh wrote:

TheOmegaForce70941 wrote:

Either way the one you mentioned who got jailed had gone to migrant camps and put a bunch of flames on their homes/camps witch led to lots of people dying. If someone killed people then I'd expect them to get thrown in jail.

Okay then. You do know what being a jihadist terrorist entails, right? Just another case of 'its okay for migrants to do it'.

*makes thread about immigration*
*"But its not about immigration"*

Sigh, I'm well aware of what jihadist terrorist entails and no it's not right for anyone to kill or rape anyone no matter what their from or where they live. Either way goodbye and grow a brain and start to think outside your small little pathetic mindset and learn to see things for what they are instead of trying to make everything about a certain thing
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Posted 12/17/17
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