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What ongoing manga should I buy?
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Posted 10/19/16
Hi guys!
So I recently started my manga collection and I need more!
I own a few complete series but there are some ongoing ones that I REALLY want.
But money...
So I thought I'd ask for your guys' sage advice! Feel free to recommend some more series (finished or ongoing) so that I can add to my list of stuff I cannot afford at the moment
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Posted 10/20/16
i have a collection too myself, and i always look forward to the next gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun (licensed by yen press).
for manga that have finished i really enjoyed collecting and reading inu x boku ss (also by yen press) because the anime does not even come close to covering what the REAL story is about. not saying that the ending gave me full closure, but i still enjoyed it! [rip to the mangaka who died after finishing that series.]
noragami is also a good one, art and story are both worth investing in.
for the romance department, i really enjoyed tonari no kaibutsu-kun (my little monster in english, licensed by kodansha). interesting how the story ended up as well.

well those are my two cents lol. happy collecting!
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Posted 10/31/16
Noragami, the characters are very unique and likeable, plus I love the art.
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Posted 10/31/16 , edited 10/31/16
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Posted 10/31/16
Tokyo Ghoul! It progresses at a generous rate which is neither overwhelming or too slow, and it blows your mind to see how character's personas' have become!
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Posted 1/7/18 , edited 1/7/18
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