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Posted 10/19/16 , edited 10/20/16
I was thinking, if you had to pick one "end of the world" anime to become reality which would you choose? I personally would pick God Eater. I would at least fight against the hardships that present themselves.
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Posted 10/21/16 , edited 10/21/16
I choose "Noein to your other self" which deals with other dimensions and two in particular the antagonist dimension vows to destroy all other dimensions the other send fighters to battle against the impending doom and travel through time and space at risk to their bodies to find a being that can stop the evil dimension in its tracks its a great show and the the Dragon Calvary (who fight for all dimensions)are cool i would love to fight with them not just for my world but for all other dimensions.
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Posted 10/21/16 , edited 10/22/16
Hmm interesting topic. There are so many to choose from but I would have to go with Log Horizon since they have to start from scratch. I like the idea of creating order from chaos. They had to come up with a new form of government and an economic system. An off course they have magic and its based on leveling like MMORPG's.
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