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Did you know Benjamin Franklin was antisemitic
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Posted 10/20/16 , edited 10/21/16

Deyre wrote:

Never mind, it was just propaganda from 1934... its said to be transcribed from the 1700s or something but looking at the evidence that they was given a synagogue. Most likely sharing the american dream of building up the country. Either way the evidence seems to be wrong and is most likely made up by angsty people in 1900s when antisemitism was more fearful by people than in 1700s when they werent much aware and most likely was just new and exciting to build America up from nothing

And yet you didn't bother to edit your opening post or to request a mod correct your title to match your new findings. Given that, and the bait-like quality of the thread title, and that even if modified there doesn't seem to be much to discuss here, I've closed the thread.

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