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Post Reply Clinton and Trump at the Al Smith Dinner
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Posted 10/21/16

Ejanss wrote:

Let's linger on that for a moment, people: He was a CATHOLIC CHARITY DINNER.
Which is literally like being beaten up by nuns--How unpopular can you become?

(Which, in addition to his many, many, many other creepy neurotic compulsive-obsessive grudges, also focuses on Why Republicans Don't Know How To Tell Jokes.
And by that, I don't mean "They tell lame bad ones", I mean, "They don't seem to functionally know what jokes ARE."
They've spent the last thirty post-Reagan "Anyone named Clinton must die" years being Angry, they've forgotten what happens when you do something that isn't Angry, and think a "Joke" is Being Angry With Some Illusion of Comic Timing.)

I think it's a little like listening to loud music for too long. Trump's been shouting about how awful things are for so long he's gone tone-deaf.
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