i want fanservice! i want fanservice! Part boob.
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Posted 10/20/16
"Stupid is,
as stupid does"
-Forrest Gump

teen n nudity
a great mixture of stupid..

In the 80's puberty was always theme of every teen movies,
from the fun croos gender swap of One of the guys,
to all john hughes teen flick s, (breakfest club is my fav)
and classic n racist but joyful revenge of the nerd.

All this film have something in common(beside having nudity)
it takes in high school n college does most anime series.

High school was the place where our choices of being
teen was hard, with homework n parents, but it was
always the frendos that made us for get n just have fun,
also the age that we discover ourselves for the
changes that we have, falling atraction to a guy or girl
it made us stupider? you see where i ma heading with this.

seriously who took high school to be better student?
nobody , becoming confuse n jdiscovering it,
open the door to friendship n ignoring to authority,
something seen in manny teen tv shows or movies.
But one thing anime does great is play with
sexuality n make it stupid and fun.

From one of the classic OVA GOLDEN BOY(I know is a college kid, just roll with it)
A story that explore the manny sexual venture of college drop out
Kintaro, and how to handle it. this is pure 80's troope comedy.
But is the funny moment that Kintaro confront a atractive young women
n control hes urges before making a mistake, true the women here were portrait as
sex object, but still they were always the dominate one, when it came to the stupidity
of the OVA. The teen romance was also part of the joke.

remodeling the echi genre

From great renaissance painters n my spanier Daly , they did portrait of naked
ladys, showing a piece of their beuty, and describing it with oiler n brush,
by modern time it has caught up in photos n movies.

Take like porn from the 80's n 90's those time it was about showing
the artistic angle when it came from the camera, showing the atraction
of 2 body clashing together, for one meaning n samenes(not forgetting the hump that come)
in anime it became better
if FLCL can be describe Lars Von Tier Nymphomaniac
(not to graphic) of anime, both ve theme re define by the visual.

In food wars, everytime a girl taste a plate a strike of sheer stupidity light
why is stupid, making a full spectacle on how their clothe explode
by the dear taste. i mean that's dumb but artistic.

In another Punchline every time our protagonize sees a pair girl undies,
he nose explode, much like of a volcano, but the way they draw it,
n splash some epicnes. Like i said is stupid but artistic.

Today sexuality is about more of exhibition thank to the social media,
from common kids, to the celebrity that most admire, really is sad note
that the artistic side is more about narcissism. not for art.

But on anime they make it fun vibrant, and sometime spectacular,
reinventing the sexual art n stupid in some way.

Maybe anime make it look to familiar and very softcore when it come
to anime like Monster munsume or Demon king making it more like
sexual reference, then anything.

But for this season Keijo add more stupidity on the idea of the story,
and more epicnes on the sport that the protagonize play.

anime have always had some shot that not even disney would dare
show on their cartoons n movies, but anime can make it fun n stupid
but more artistic.
From a panel of a manga, to a epic angle in anime,
echi is artistic.

'Stupidity follow us, leading us to our errors n flaws
But can also motivate, to do something new"
-Lioid Kaufman, president of Troma pictures

and as always
Thank for been awesome.
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M / Adanac
Posted 10/21/16 , edited 10/21/16
This was an... interesting read. Thank you.

I didn't' actually read all of it but I get the idea.
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The 2D World
Posted 10/21/16
I can't believe I read that entire post. The only real response I have for you is "Okay then."
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33 / M / outer wall, level...
Posted 10/21/16
I like turtles
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37 / M / Virginia USA
Posted 10/21/16
Butts > boobs
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23 / M / Finland
Posted 10/21/16
This again?
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Posted 10/21/16
yuri on ice has great fanservice
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Some where in Can...
Posted 11/8/16

Sogno- wrote:

yuri on ice has great fanservice

If that's your thing good on ya. I prefer fan service of the other persuasion. I like fan service in the anime I watch.
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F / an utter mess
Posted 11/15/16
nice shitpost op
One Punch Mod
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 11/18/16

I'll be honest. Your English is nearly incomprehensible to me. Sorry. Aside from a very general impression, I can't understand what you wrote, and I don't even know what main point you were making.

However, I can tell that this is a continuation of another thread you started not too long ago, so it's essentially a duplicate thread. You could have added these thoughts to that thread to keep discussion going instead of creating this separate "part boob" and the third thread you started today.

Therefore I've closed this thread, and will be closing the new thread also. Please continue sharing your thoughts about fan service in your original thread:

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