Make and post your Waifu tier list!?
Posted 10/20/16 , edited 10/21/16
I made a Waifu tier list mostly just for fun and laughs. I don't take this stuff too seriously although you could probably argue against that based on the fact that I clearly spent a good amount of time and effort on this, lol.
Anyways this is basically just a list of my favorite female characters from Anime and video games.

First one to guess them all gets a cookie. (But not really; let's not and say I did.)

Here's a blank list so you too can make one.

Curious to see what you all post.
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Posted 10/20/16 , edited 10/21/16
*Correction: Your chart needs inversion. Then it would be accurate.

In terms of guessing... That is easy, but wouldn't be fun now of course?.... Let us just say, "Google Reverse Image Search" is your friend...
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Closed because OP nuked.
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