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Posted 10/20/16 , edited 10/21/16
So I just fired up the app on my tablet and was looking for something new to watch. Being the lazy sort of person I am I hit the genres button and I noticed something. All the anime in those list are ancient. New shows as they are being introduced into the system are not or very rarely being tagged with a genre tags. (or something is really broken)

Is there any way a system could be put in place where users could Tag shows. Crowd source most of the work and have a editor/admin check over the changes to make them live at the next database update.

Thanks Mike
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Posted 12/12/16 , edited 12/13/16
That's really a pity. Makes Crunchyroll far less useful to find something new to watch.

Additionally to even missing the "big" genre tags,
they're often wrong as well!

Just do a search on Shoujo. ~20% of the results are wrong!
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Posted 2/12/17 , edited 2/13/17
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Posted 2/13/17 , edited 2/13/17
For better or worse asharka's group Rotten Sushi is my go to place for browsing tags.
They do a really good job of providing tags and simple ratings for the shows on CR and the official tags are pretty much defunct.
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