Anime and J-pop legal Internet Radio
Posted 10/21/16 , edited 10/23/16

Anime and J-pop legal Internet Radio

Hello all If you have ever wanted to listen to anime and J-pop radio legally then you have come to the right place lol.

91.8 the fan is a 100% legal station located in the U.S. that plays J-pop, J-rock, and Anime OST'S they even do interview's with english dubbed voice actors sometimes as well. So feel free to check it out especially if your looking for a new station to listen to lol.

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Anime and J-pop legal Internet Radio

Another legal anime music radio station called Anime Radio UK

It's a 100% legal anime internet radio station based/from the UK. They play Jpop, Jrock, Anime, video game soundtracks, and even anime movie soundtracks lol. Then if you look in their radio programs they do a karaoke night lol. Oh and have a song request form never used it lol. Also if anyone is wondering as far as I know It isn't region blocked or anything (was listening to it a little while ago lol) So feel free to check this one out as well.

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