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As a writer, what do you struggle with a lot?
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Posted 11/16/16 , edited 11/16/16
I want to start in animation by creating a webseries essentially showing off several developed skills before pushing for work in something like anime, possibly build a fanbase for it too (I live in the UK) I've only gotten back into digital drawing (tracing my favourites to build some confidence) I'm afraid the biggest problem is if I write anything now, except maybe drafts for myself for smaller projects leading to the webseries, I wouldn't show it to anyone so I'd lack the criticism I'd need to write anything decent.

I would say if you're at my stage of being a complete beginner of writing (or maybe drawing) your own thing you will need to draft and draft again, show your drafts to your critic, the person that may have some idea of the level you'd wish to achieve, for example you want to write the next evangalon or you want the same art style as dragonball z, ask someone who knows about them how your work may compare.

my goals of course is to start writing something a little like south park, satirical, character driven and often random, with art the same quality as dbz (buu saga hopefully!) with some noticeable differences in character and prop art.

might write something I plan to keep making drafts for, but it'd be a while before I write something I'd work on
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Posted 11/21/16 , edited 11/21/16
Often I have a difficulty to go into detail, I feel like I'm only scratching the surface when I write, like the story becomes shallow. I tell more than I show and that sucks.
Also I find it difficult to explain how I want it from my mind.

Well, that is why I practise I guess.
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Posted 11/22/16 , edited 11/22/16
Whenever I have trouble starting a piece of writing, I simply outline, or brainstorm, instead. I jot down random bits and pieces of ideas that I want to include, often ending up with messy pages of what looks like junk. Then I leave it behind to do something else entirely – cook dinner, shop for groceries, call a friend on the phone, etc.
Hours later, I return to those messy pages, with a new focus: cleaning it up, grouping together similar ideas, looking better words to express each topic. Sometimes I do this more than once, for new ideas will pop up each time, to be organized again. has some good writing exercises , also I try write short art , comparative and other essay everyday.
Posted 11/22/16 , edited 11/23/16
what to write first and how to write it to keep it interesting
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Posted 11/23/16 , edited 11/24/16
Hmm, well I guess it's generally just trying to keep consistent and committed towards a single story.

Probably seems sorta strange, but I've always got a bunch of ideas stored. When I think I've got one that I want to work on, I work on it, but then I end up of thinking of better concepts and aspects for another story idea, and I lose motivation to continue the story I was currently working on.

Another thing, sometimes I overthink too much. Actually, I overthink when it comes to dealing with my stories. When I overthink, I take too many factors and influences into consideration when it comes to characters, settings, and especially themes, and I end up just overloading the story idea and losing it's central focus point.

I'm sure there are plenty more that I have, but those two are the prominent ones which cause me to struggle as a writer.
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Posted 12/25/17 , edited 12/25/17
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