My Introduction
Posted 10/21/16 , edited 10/21/16
Hello all I am Animecourtney999 (creator of the group lol) you can call me animecourtney, animecourtney999, Or well just ocurtney lol. I am also the co creator/founder of the group Friendship Haven. Anyway we are all here to talk about music, so I guess I'll start with how I got into music lol.

The thing is I never liked music as a kid I always found it a bit annoying and never liked listening to the radio or anything. In middle school I still didn't like music and found it boring lol but I joined the concert band and learned how to play the flute despite not really liking music. So somewhat of a weird thing to do lol I never liked music but yet learned how to make music lol.

Now when I got into highschool I still really didn't like music but that all changed when I heard a Alice cooper song my freshman. The song was well off of his latest album at the time Dirty Diamonds and hearing the song Steal That Car from the album and being played on car commercials. Got me hooked on music and made me discover and listen to Alice Cooper's Origional songs and was even more hooked to his music.

Then a year later I find myself listening to most classic rock songs, 80's and 90's music, whatever was on the radio at the time, and even Classical Music.

Another year later I find my self listening to more and more genre's of music and was listening to my ipod and the radio practically 24/7. I even got more into J-pop, J-rock, and music from all over the world lol. I have listended to french pop, romanian music, German Music, Swedish Music, Italian Music, and many more.

Today I will practically listen to pretty much anything lol. I have recently gotten into country music, Electronic Music and all it's Sub Genre's, and a little bit of Rap lol but I will pretty much listen to just about anything and will give anything a try/listen no matter what and will continue to listen to music forever no matter what lol.

Anyway that's basically my story lol.
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