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Posted 10/22/16 , edited 10/22/16
For the last few decades, new anime and manga are increasingly opposing the secret Capitalist brainwashing in American kid's cartoons so the Capitalists are now use their control over international trade to restrict import of anime and manga to America and allow anime and manga to be viewed online to stop profit from illegal import. The huge success of anime over American cartoons further threaten the oligopoly of the few large noncompetitive cartoon companies in America who once can become successful solely by their secret backdoor dealing with corrupt government officials.

The few large American cartoon companies bribe the social media administrators in Facebook and Google+ to hack into the manager accounts of all large anime communities in their medias, set up non-manager accounts in those communities to support the hackers in their hacked accounts, and ban anyone from using a unique term for Japanese animation; the hackers often associate the success of anime with Western cartoons and prevent anime from being recognized as unique in anyway. They sometimes use negative labels like 'trolls', 'politics', and 'weeboo' to dismiss any opposition.
They also spread trolls to blame the bankruptcy of anime industries on the citizen for watching free anime online while hiding the lack of legal access to many anime in American stores, especially those from small industries, so American customers will buy American cartoons. They even allow anime online to be viewed online for free so anime companies cannot get profit from illegal import. A poll in several anime communities dispel the rumors by showing that anime fans like anime not because of easy access but because of the anime content. The economic sanction seems to be reversing as shown by the news article on
During mid-October of 2015, a person under the username of aka yumi make a post on a few large anime communities on Google+ to question why very few anime is sold in American stores compared to Western cartoons even when anime are viewed way more often than Western cartoons. A similar question was asked about manga. aka yumi also state that the American cartoons are imitating anime to become successful. This post receives huge positive ratings and cause a Capitalist (who the manage position of many large anime communities by hacking) to continuously delete any further posts from aka yumi.

The right-wing American politicians are heavily involved in otaku communities probably due to the Capitalist's attempts to project their own negative image into their opposition; they are convincing the anime fans to support the Capitalist fantasy so the anime fans can be criticized for the very thing that the right-wing politicians, themselves, embrace.
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