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Posted 10/23/16 , edited 10/23/16

jtjumper wrote:
What happens if I say yes?

What happens if I say no?

What happens if I say they all have horrible french accents?

If you say yes we will graciously accept whatever horrible things they do regardless.

If you say no we will ignore them unless they try and come for our oil.

If they have horrible French accents we will be at war before sunrise.

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39 / Inside your compu...
Posted 10/23/16
I suppose you want me to come up with an original answer

It would depend on more things because frankly there isn't that much info despite the story

1. The reasons for slavery in that country

2. The actual ways slaves are treated

3. The definition of slavery in that world

4. What does that ruler actually expects me to do with the gift (see the real meaning of "white elephant" as a gift)
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23 / M / Abyss
Posted 10/23/16 , edited 10/23/16
As it is legal to give slaves in their kingdom, I would accept them.

Once I bring them to my land, I will integrate them into my society as free people. If the opposing king takes this as an okay to send slaves over, I will require the slaves to become "servants." By this I mean maids, butlers and labor. They would need to be treated humanely and be paid a minimum wage that would allow them to live a decent life.

The servants would gain full citizenship into my kingdom and will reap said benefits. Once the worker makes enough money, if they choose so they can attempt to buy their "freedom" from the owner. By this I mean they can now go out and start their own life and job. Both parties would have to agree to this transaction however.

If violations of the basic human rights were to occur, the servants would be taken from him and given freedom, a penalty of a set amount of money depending on the crimes and restrictions on purchase of servants would occur. If these were broken or ignored, jail time would occur.

If a servant commits a crime, they would be penalized the same as any other citizen of the same crime.

Edit: I would also make rules on the slave trade and humane treatment of them during transport and trade. No stripping, malnutrition, beating or other such actions would be allowed during transport. If the victim is a kidnapped victim, they will have the right to either go back to their family or start a new life in my kingdom.
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