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Posted 10/23/16 , edited 10/26/16
When is Crunchyroll going to showcase Volume 4? It's already out on the Rooster Teeth website.
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Posted 10/29/16 , edited 12/8/16
Looks like Rooster Teeth is pulling a number.

After getting a strong following through CrunchyRoll they set up their own subscription service called "FIRST", and aired the episode a week ago, not even the CR premium members had access.

And now a week later everybody gets to see it, and it's also aired on YouTube, which I imagine must queer CR's ad revenue.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
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Posted 12/8/16 , edited 12/8/16
Umm... RT's site has had a sponsor level since the company's inception, I.E. back when it was just RvB that they did. So Rooster Teeth has had a Sponsor/FIRST subscription since before CR was even in existence. So really, there wasn't anything pulled at all.

Next, there has always been a delay between when an episode of RWBY was released to sponsors (now FIRST members) and when it was released to everyone else. How long it was delayed simply changed; season 1 was generally a few hours, season 2 a bit longer, season 3 was a full day; and now season 4 it is a week if you want to watch somewhere other than on the RT website or app. The current delay works as follows: FIRST members get the episode Saturday, RT website members get it Sunday, and everyone else gets it a week after the FIRST members got it.

Also RT has always put it up on YouTube about a week after it was up on the site; seasons 2 was a few hours after sponsors got it, season 3 was a day after sponsors got it; as they were tinkering with how much lead time they wanted to give their sponsors. RT has been fairly standard with putting it on their YouTube channel the same time as when they opened it up to everyone else and other sites, seasons 1 of RWBY was put up on YouTube a week after it launched on the site, but it 1 didn't appear on CR until about 2 months after it originally aired. YouTube introduced at least as many people to RWBY as CR has.

And just in closing, CR wouldn't be getting it any sooner if RT didn't release to their sponsors early. The extra week is used to finish polishing the episode so that it is up to snuff for 3rd party sites.
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