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Posted 10/25/16 , edited 10/25/16
I distinctly remember talking about this series before, but since I can't find whatever thread that was - here's a new one. I just gotta talk about it when I get the urge... so, sorry!

I just finished watching The Unlimited: Hyobu Kyosuke, for probably the 4th time and I have to say it has not only some of the most lovable characters and best action (lets not forget soundtrack), but the ending is so powerful! I'm so glad I decided to watch it again.

The attention to detail in the characters is very nice and I love how it gives background on some of the more interesting PANDRA espers. Details like
- I was surprised to see they incorporated those into his health issues in this series.

I actually tear up a little at the end of this anime! I came across Zettai Karen Children before The Unlimited, so I was already in love with quite a few of the characters - so at the end when

I find I get a little emotional. The entire series is done so you're thinking
they even hint at that in the original ZKC, so an ending like this is the best possible ending.

I would kill for another season of this or anything in the ZKC world. They did espers very well - so far the only "ESP" super power anime that comes anywhere close to this is A Certain Scientific Railgun, which is also incredibly good. (the only bad thing about that anime is Touma...-_- honestly, Andy Hinomiya is SO much cooler than he is, it's like comparing apples to nuclear missiles.)

Seriously, if you have not watched this series, go do it now, especially if you like anime like A Certain Scientific Railgun. The Unlimited is on CR and you don't really need to watch the original series first, though I do suggest doing so if you're a fan, because it gives you a massive amount of background on the prophecy, black phantom, and of course "The Children"

Honestly, so many interesting characters, and so not cookie-cutter. Most of them are complex and it really helps you care about them and what happens to them and their world.
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Posted 10/25/16
I watched this a while ago, shortly after it first came out. I should watch it again... I hate to say, but I don't really remember much about it. It sort of blurs together with a few different series in my mind, all with a sort of modern-setting, bishounen/military feel.
I think it reminded me of Full Metal Panic.
......... I just looked it up and I think the whole Yuugiri plot was reminding me of Anna from K. It's similar - band of bishounen outlaws with this one little girl in their group, who has psychic powers. (I don't think Yuugiri ended up being as awesome as Anna, though.... (I won't spoil though but K is good and you should watch it if you haven't))

Honestly, this sort of show is my thing, but it was sort of... middle quality, compared to other things (K, FMP, ... maybe it's not quite comparable to Geass in scope, so I'll leave that out.) But thanks for the reminder, it does seem like it's worth another look. ^_^;
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